Hot Wax Hair Removal

Did you know that waxing to remove body hair dates back to ancient Egypt when the royal wifes and the wealthy believed hair removal as a youth-enhancing therapy? This concept spread throughout the world, more notably with the Greeks and Turks.

Waxing, according to the dictionary, is a method of temporarily removing hair at the root. Areas of the body that have been waxed remain smooth and without hair for a month or two. Any body area can be waxed, including the face, eyebrows, legs, bikini area, back, arms, feet and abdomen.

If you think waxing is something that’s exclusive only to women, you better think again. You will find men today waxing for cosmetic reasons. Athletes, body builders and swimmers, whether they are male or female, have been removing hair for years through waxing.

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The substances that make up the wax are usually a mixture of beeswax and paraffin, natural oils and fats, and a resin that is specially designed to get the wax to stick to the skin. Certain kinds of wax contain vitamin E or other supplements. If waxing sounds like something you would like to do to remove some unwanted hair, you need to choose between the cold and the hot wax technique.

Hot Wax

The hot wax technique uses wax that is heated to a good temperature. A small amount of the heated wax is applied on the area where hair is to be removed. The wax is applied in the direction of the hair growth. The wax is then left to cool. When the wax is cool, it is quickly pulled off the skin, pulling against the direction of the hair growth. The hair will come off with the wax.

Cold Wax

The cold wax technique, on the other hand, uses wax that is already pre-coated onto strips of cloth. The strips are then applied onto the area and then rubbed. After a few minutes, the strips are pulled off quickly in the direction opposite the hair growth.

The hot wax technique is admittedly a bit messier than the cold wax technique, but many discover that hot wax is better at removing hair off the skin.

After Waxing Care

Applying sensitive skin lotion on the area after waxing is good, especially if the lotion has moisturizers with either vitamin B or aloe vera. Do not swim, get into a hot tub or spa, tan in the sun, put on perfume, deodorant or cologne at least 24 hours following waxing.

If doing hot waxing, make sure the temperature of the wax is not high enough to burn or scald the skin when it is applied. If you are diabetic, seek your doctor’s approval before waxing. Do not wax skin that is burnt or peeling, as well as skin that has an infection, mole, wart, irritation, rash or varicose veins. Do not wax the eyes, nose, ears, nipples or pubic hair. Waxing is a good way to get rid of the hair you do not want if you have a high tolerance for pain.