Threading Hair Removal Treatment

A relatively new hair removal treatment, hair threading is a procedure that can be done at home or at the salon. If you have fine hair growing above the lip, hair threading may just be the answer to your unwanted hair problem. Hair threading works better than bleaching or shaving the affected area, but it can hurt as much as waxing. How painful the procedure is depends on how much pain you can tolerate and how thick the hair is.

This hair removal technique is known as “threading” because it uses a sewing thread to take the hair out by the roots. Hair threading is much faster and easier done at the hair salon rather than doing it yourself. But if you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, read on.

How to do Threading Hair Removal

Begin with approximately 24 inches of strong sewing thread. Hold each end of the sewing thread in your hands and tight the ends together. With both hands, wind the thread ten times until it looks like a bow tie. The part that has been wound up needs to be in the middle of the thread. Start sliding the wound portion toward one hand, spreading one hand’s fingers while closing the other hand’s fingers. Move the would area from each hand and fingers you spread and close. When you are able to move the wound area back and forth easily, you can begin.

Hair Removal Tips : How to Do Threading Hair Removal

Try this procedure on your leg hair first before using it on other areas of your body. Let yourself become comfortable with doing it. Find a chair and sit down. Prop up a leg and choose a hair you want to remove. Place the thread’s wound side on the hair. Place the thread from the other end. Repeat the stretching and closing of the fingers to move the wound area to the other side of the thread. This will grab the hair and yank it from the roots. Continue until you are finished with the space you want clear.

This hair removal technique may seem confusing, which is why it is best that you let a professional do it. Watch how a professional does it and then try to repeat it yourself at home. Threading is a hair removal technique that does not cost much. Think of the money you’ll spend paying a professional to do it for you the first time as tuition.

Once you know how hair threading is done, you can do it yourself at home. You may have to do threading once a month, but it all depends on how your hair quickly grows back. Threading is a hair removal technique that does not have any adverse side effects, although if you have a low tolerance for pain, you are likely to find the entire process painful.