Recipes for Sugaring Hair Removal

Like waxing, sugaring is a hair removal technique. Instead of using a mixture of beeswax and paraffin, sugaring uses sugar and honey for getting rid of hair you do not want. The resulting mixture adheres to the hairs, not on the skin. The hair is yanked out by the roots so sugaring can be as painful as waxing.

Many individuals are sold on the fact that sugaring is better for removing hair on the lip area and the bikini line. Sugaring is not the cleanest way of removing hair so it needs to be done in an area that is easy to clean and does not cause issues. The results of sugaring is good for about a month. The hair will start to come back in about fourteen days, but it wouldn’t be as thick as before. The regular hair will show up shortly after that.

Sugaring Hair Removal Recipe and Demo

You can make your own recipe for this hair removal treatment. Here’s what you need:

  • 1 cup white sugar
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • Tongue depressors or the like for applying the mixture
  • Corn starch (for getting the skin ready)
  • Cotton fabric strips

Mix the sugar, lemon juice and honey in a microwavable container. Microwave on high for approximately three minutes or until the mixture starts to bubble and even out. Turn off microwave and let the mixture cool for about five minutes before using it.


  • Thoroughly clean and dry the area that is to be treated. The area must not have any soap or lotion residue.
  • Using a makeup brush or powder puff, lightly apply some of the cornstarch on the area. The cornstarch will get rid of any oil formation on the area.
  • Take one of the tongue depressors and apply the sugar mixture thinly across the area.
  • Place the cotton strip on top of that and rub the fabric going in the opposite way of the hair growth. Apply a mild but firm pressure.
  • Take hold of the strip of cotton fabric and yank hard in the opposite direction of the growing hair.
  • Repeat until all the hair is removed.

Once the hair is removed, clean the area with warm water to take off the remaining sugar. Apply unscented lotion onto the skin. Finally, admire your smooth, hairless skin!