Shaving and Tweezing Unwanted Body Hair

Are you like the millions of men and women who desperately want to get rid of unwanted hair, but you don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars to have it professionally removed? There is good news for you! Now you can perform your own hair removal procedure right at home. There are home hair removal techniques you can use at home and they are inexpensive and dead easy.

Shaving for Men

Men who want a smoother shave would do well to shave in the shower as this softens up the hair. It does not matter if you shave using a cream or gel; the way you use it is what counts.

When putting the cream or gel on the face, lightly rub it onto the skin so that the hairs are lifted up, making it easier for you to cut them.

Single blade razors shave better than double or triple blade razors. Do not use razor whose blade is dull. To shave, move the razor in the same direction that the hair is growing during the first or second passes. Next, shave against the hair growth. Use cool water to rinse the face after shaving. Pat the shaved area dry; don’t rub or wipe.

Some men have to shave twice a day, but it is more common for men to shave once a day.

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Shaving for Women

Women should never use razors that are designed for men. Razors for women are constructed to fit the feminine areas better and allow for the correct shaving angle for the leg and under the arms.

Shaving is most effective at night when the hair follicles are not surrounded by tightly packed body fluids.

Prior to shaving, wash the legs and underarms with warm water. Apply gel or shaving cream, or hair conditioner. Use extreme caution when you are shaving sensitive areas like the bikini area. The panties you put on can cause irritations and bumps if there is shaving rash there. Note that if you decide to shave your face or mustache area, the hair will not be any thicker than it was before.

It is more common for women to shave under their arms two times per week. The leg area is usually shaved about once a week. Of course, the frequency of shaving depends on the individual and the rate with which their hair grows.

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Make sure your tweezers are washed in hot water before you begin. If possible, clean the tweezers with alcohol.

Tweezing is a home hair removal technique that works great if you want to shape your eyebrows and remove a few stray hairs on your face and chin.

Do not ever use tweezers to remove nose hairs because you can get infection from it. Never put creams or moisturizers on your face prior to tweezing, as it can block or infect the pores and cause the tweezers to slip.

Before pulling the hair with a tweezer, apply a hot face cloth onto the area for a few minutes to open up the pores. When tweezing, pull the hair in the same way that it grows. The hair removed by tweezing does not come back until after two weeks or so.

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