Unwanted Body Hair Waxing

For anybody who is fed up with shaving, pulling or tweezing unwanted body hair, waxing may very well be an excellent alternative. Waxing is a non-permanent hair removal technique utilizing a wax substance. Body hair that has been waxed will not grow back again for about a month dependent on the individual. Virtually any part of the body may be waxed including the underarm, legs, bikini area, lips and eye brows. Men typically prefer waxing the back, chest, neck, hairline, ears, nose and occasionally the legs.

There are a number of different waxing techniques. Perhaps the most common method for folks considering waxing is to pay a visit to a beauty salon that specializes in body waxing. Other folks may opt for learning the technique by themselves and waxing in the comfort of their own home.

Waxing entails spreading a thin layer of wax over the skin. A paper strip is then pressed on to the warm wax and then ripped off with a rapid motion against the direction of the hair growth. Besides removing unwanted hair, waxing also gets rid of dead skin cells at the same time.

When skin is waxed, it leaves it much smoother than shaving does. Furthermore, when the hair starts regrowing it is much less coarse when compared with shaving. Following regular wax sessions, some hair might not grow back at all. No matter what technique you favor, here are some hints and tips for next time you decide to wax.

If you decide to visit a beauty parlor to get hair removed by waxing, it is vital that you choose a salon that you can trust and one that is experienced in hair removal. It is common to find professional salons, which might only wax unwanted facial hair.

If you are considering waxing for your legs, underarm or bikini area, ask around and determine who is experienced. There are certain areas of the body where hair removal should only be carried out by a certified cosmetologist or esthetician. These particular areas may include the genital region as well as the upper chest area which require require special attention and it should not be carried out in the home.

Waxing Advantages

There are various advantages of waxing over shaving, plucking or tweezing. One major advantage is that waxing will be much longer lasting in comparison with other hair removal techniques. Once an area has been waxed, it will take between three to five weeks for the hair to start growing back again. Some folk may well experience even lengthier periods. Furthermore, hair that grows back again following waxing is typically much softer and smoother than it is with shaving. This tends to minimize itchiness and irritation, particularly in the more sensitive areas. Waxing is superior to shaving or depilatory creams since both of those methods only remove hair at the surface. This causes the hair to grow back at a much quicker rate when compared with waxing.

Waxing Disadvantages

There are a few down sides to waxing hair removal as well.

For anyone with a low pain threshold, waxing is probably not the ideal choice. Waxing can be temporarily painful, particularly when the wax strips are taken off. Since the hair is plucked out from the root, a sharp, stinging pain will be felt.

In addition, waxing is a lot more costly than tweezing or shaving. This is particularly true should you choose to have the treatment carried out at a salon. You will probably shell out between sixty and eighty dollars based upon area. It will likely be less costly for smaller areas such as the eyebrows.

Waxing can also encourage ingrown hairs. This is triggered if the hair is drawn from the reverse direction, which can easily disturb the follicles of hair and irritate the skin.

Certain folks are also advised against waxing hair removal. Those who are susceptible to spider veins could suffer from additional spider or varicose veins after getting the treatment. Furthermore, those who are suffering from diabetes and have poor blood circulation should avoid the waxing procedure. Additionally, there are several categories of medication that those who wax should not take. This is because waxing may cause weakening of the skin. If you have problems with acne, skin breakouts, moles or have sunburn, waxing is not a good choice.

If you choose wax, ensure that you do not wash the area before the treatment. Your skin needs to be dry and free of any creams, makeup or other residues. Swimming, showers or bathing can result in the hairs to become overly soft and will not produce good results. Furthermore, think about utilizing a moisturizer immediately after the skin has been waxed. There are various types, which are specifically made for waxing that can help reduce the subsequent redness and swelling.