Body Hair Removal Treatments

Do you have areas of your body where unsightly hair is growing? You can have the unwanted hair removed, but which of the hair removal treatments should you go for? Which one is right for you? Below are some questions you need to ask yourself.

Is the unwanted hair on your face or on your body

Be specific here. If the hair you want to get rid of is on your face, is it on your eyebrows, lip, chin, etc.? If the unwanted hair is on your body, is it on your arms, legs, chest, back, nipples, belly button, knuckles, pubic area or somewhere else? This is the first step as the area you want hair to be removed will help you determine which hair removal treatment you should go for.

Is the problem with your unwanted hair hereditary

What is causing the hair to be in that area in the first place? Be aware that if it dark and coarse hair is in your genetic makeup, hair removal treatments are not really going to completely get rid of your excessive hair problem.

How much are you willing to spend on getting rid of unwanted hair

Can you afford to spend on hair removal treatments? Be aware that most hair removal methods require several sessions in between treatments. The cost could be a few dollars or a few thousand dollars per visit.

How well do you deal with pain

Hair removal hurts! Waxing and electrolysis are two hair removal treatments that cause the most pain. Of course, the pain is only during the treatments, and so is temporary, but if have a low pain threshold, you need to cross out these two off your list.

Do you really want to get rid of the unwanted hair – Is it your decision

Having your hair taken off needs to be done because it is something you are set on doing. Do not let others decide for you. You are the one who will live with it.

These questions should help get you on your way to choosing the hair removal treatment that is right for you. Think about it thoroughly. You also need to ask yourself if the hair you want removed is something you want gone for good. Be aware that most hair removal treatments won’t stop the hair from growing back.

If you want to permanently get rid of the hair, you need to undergo a hair removal treatment that kills the follicle for good. One such treatment is electrolysis and so far, it’s the only hair removal treatment that is proven to permanently remove hair. Laser hair removal treatments do come close, but studies on it are still being conducted.

Electrolysis and laser treatment are two of the most pricey hair removal treatment options. If you can afford either of these two options, consider the risks and benefits and start from there. If you don’t have the budget, though, you will need to look at the less expensive, temporary hair removal treatments.