Permanent Hair Removal Treatments

You’ve finally decided that you want to get rid of your unwanted hair permanently. There are several permanent hair removal treatments available — electrolysis, thermolysis and blend method — but how do you know which one is the best — the one that really would get rid of unwanted hair forever?

You need to research your options, dig out relevant facts and weigh the risks and benefits of individual options. You also need to identify how tolerant you are of pain, as well as how sensitive your skin is. To help you in your research, below are some basic information on three hair removal techniques that permanently gets rid of unwanted hair.


A permanent hair removal treatment that has been used for decades, electrolysis uses electricity to kill hair follicles. A thin probe is inserted into a follicle and a small electric shock is sent down to the probe and onto the hair follicle. The salt and water in the hair follicle is converted into lye, loosening the hair and permanently damaging the base of the follicle. The hair is then gently pulled out using tweezers. The technique is done until all the hair is gone.

Electrolysis guarantees permanent hair removal, but it is a very painful and costly technique. Since the hair is removed follicle by follicle, it can be a tedious process. Electrolysis is recommended on removing hair from a small area. Electrolysis also takes several treatment sessions, and having it performed by a professional is the best way. If not done correctly, electrolysis can irreparably damage the skin or improperly alter the follicle and cause it to regrow.


Thermolysis is a permanent hair removal technique similar to electrolysis. A probe is inserted in individual hair follicles. After the probe is inside, it is heated, causing the water molecules in the follicle to begin bouncing and generating heat, and ultimately destroying the base of the follicle. Thermolysis is much quicker than electrolysis, although it is not good. Improperly done, thermolysis can burn the skin or leave scars. This is why like electrolysis, thermolysis should only be done by a professional.

Blend Method

The blend technique uses both electrolysis and thermolysis at the same time. This technique is much faster and works better. The blend method of permanently removing hair is becoming increasingly popular. By combining the heat element in thermolysis with the chemical transformation in electrolysis, the heated lye is what hastens the damage on the hair follicles. This method of permanent hair removal works on any hair type.

Electrolysis, thermolysis and the blend method are all effective permanent hair removal treatments. However, since all treatments involve the insertion of probes or needles, extreme caution must be taken to ensure that the probes are properly sterilized to avoid infections. Because of the associate risks of these permanent hair removal techniques, you should only have them done by a trained professional.

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