How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

Everyone has facial hair. Some individuals have more facial hair than is normal or they have facial hair that is so dark it stands out in an embarrassing way. If you are trying to impress, facial hair makes that just a tad bit hard for you. Facial hair and how it affects you is mainly a personal issue. The hair on the eyebrows, chin, lip, nose and general area of the face can be the cause of many issues that definitely become a devastating, particularly to women, when the hair is darker compared to the skin. So what is the best way to get rid of unwanted facial hair?

For men, shaving is the tried and tested way of removing unwanted facial hair. Shaving has been around for hundreds of years, and there is literally hundreds of razors available today. Using a cream, gel, foam or moisturizing product helps the shaving process, as well as prevent the skin from becoming irritated.

Women who have excess facial hair, however, have fewer, less obvious options to getting rid of their facial hair. In women, excess facial hair is usually present along the upper lip, down the sides of the face and on the chin. In contrast to the males, shaving the face is not the best way to deal with it. What can the women do then? Since the facial hair is usually much more than a few hair follicles, plucking them out is not the best option. Plucking takes too much time and hurts too much. Depilatories, waxing, electrolysis and laser treatment are all facial hair removal methods that takes off hair much more easily and much faster.

Hair Removal Cream or Lotion

Using a cream or lotion to take the facial hair off is a cheaper method, but it does not last long. You will need to be careful when applying these products on your face because they can damage, irritate and burn the skin. They only take off the facial hair you can see so you need to repeat the process each time a new batch of hair is visible. Removing facial hair using depilatories is relatively inexpensive and can be done at home.

Laser and Electrolysis

Laser and electrolysis are facial hair removal techniques that will get rid of unwanted facial hair for good. They take the facial hair off so that it does not come back again. These techniques actually kill the hair follicle so that hair cannot grow there anymore. Laser and electrolysis, however, are expensive and they usually involve several treatment sessions. However, if getting rid of facial hair is what you want, and you can afford it, laser and electrolysis may be the right treatment for you. Carefully weigh the risks with the benefits.


Waxing is a facial hair removal technique that has many benefits. Waxing is a popular facial hair removal method among men and women. When you use tweezers, you are plucking the hair from the root. Waxing also does this same thing. The hair follicle is not harmed and the hair will grow back, but not as fast as with the creams and lotions. You may not have to wax again for three to four weeks. You can certainly perform waxing at home, but you might want to have a professional do it for you the first time.