How to Control Your Body Temperature

One of the most difficult things for athletes to do, especially in extreme weather conditions, is to control their core body temperature. On a hot day the body generates heat during exercise at faster rate than the atmosphere will allow it to dissipate. In extreme circumstances, even the atmosphere can make the body temperature rise, let alone allow it to dissipate heat itself.

Coping with Psoriasis Skin Conditions in Children

Psoriasis is no laughing matter to an adult, and it is definitely not something to joke about when dealing with children afflicted with this disease. The skin disorder affects millions of people, but it is the children who have the toughest time dealing with the condition. Psoriasis in children presents its own hazards and it is about more than just the child’s physical health. It is a psychologically destructive disease that is often misunderstood by other children and parents.

Top 7 Tips On Buying a New Mattress

The Princess and the Pea is a well-known fairy tale about how a princess could feel that pea under a mattress that hindered her sleep. Do you have any ideas what is it about your mattress that might be keeping you up at night

How to Care for a Diabetic Child

Diabetes can be a confusing disease, full of rules and regulations about what to eat and when. A child stricken by diabetes can be a special challenge to parents, and many caregivers are puzzled about how to handle the illness, especially at first. The best way to care for the diabetic child is to increase your knowledge about diabetes, which includes being aware of the symptoms and the treatment options available in case something happens with a diabetic person. Caregivers need to know what and when the child should eat and ensure that the child keeps up a healthy level of exercise

What is Biofeedback

If you are looking for a more natural way to relieve your stress or lower your blood pressure, you may want to think about undergoing a biofeedback session in order to learn more about your body’s processes and functions. This will give you the information you need to become more aware of your body’s reactions to certain foods or conditions, and you will learn which items may increase your body temperature or heighten your stress level without you even noticing.

Talking to Children about Stranger Danger

The first lesson parents would want to give their child is how to be careful in case they encounter a stranger. They tell their children stories of how strangers kidnap children or give them dangerous stuff, as well as advise them to be cautious in such situations. Although these stories are healthy to some extent, sometimes they can have a negative impact on a child’s mind.

E Coli Bacteria Facts

Good bacteria do exist and even the dreaded E coli bacteria is not as bad as you might think, provided it is not a genetically mutated strand outside the body. Escherichia coli are found naturally occurring in the lower intestine. It gives off Vitamin K and helps you with digestion. Unfortunately, the bad press surrounding these bacteria is a result of the harmful bacteria strands that can make you very, very ill

Tips on Step Parenting Children

It is not easy being a stepparent, especially if the children are already in their teen years. Usually, a step-mom who has to stay at home most of the time with the step-children complains about the children’s obstinacy and lack of responsibility. Similarly, children are also dissatisfied with the workings of their new mom or simply refuse to be reasonable with her.