Summer vs Winter Skin Care Tips

In the same way as you wear different clothes to shelter your body from different types of weather, you need to look after your skin properly and adjust your skin care in different seasons. Skin, being the largest single organ in the body, is much harder to look after properly than you may think; it needs very different attention in the summer than in the winter.

Difference Between Summer and Winter Skin Care

The atmosphere in the winter is, as a general rule, much colder and drier than the hot and humid conditions of summer. The winter conditions will give your skin a really hard time, and will make it very dry and chapped. This is more so on the face as clothing will protect most parts of the skin, but we often leave our faces exposed. So is the answer to stay indoors? No, because heaters and dehumidifying units just take even more moisture out the air and make the skin dry anyway.

In the summer, the skin becomes more exposed to the weather. Increased temperature and humidity mean that more sweat is produced to try to cool down the body. This leads to the skin becoming oily and can result in pimples occurring. Like in winter, there is no escape. While going for a swim is great for cooling down, the constant contact with chemicals in pools and salt water will make the skin dry.

Skin care tips dermatologists use

Winter Skin Protection

It may seem odd, but you are equally likely to get sunburn in the winter as in the summer, so use a sunscreen, moisturizer or makeup with at least SPF 15. Protect the lips in the same way with sun protection lipstick or balm.

Also, moisturize everything — directly by applying emollient soaps and creams, and indirectly by humidifying the room, either by using a humidifier or by putting a dish of water near a radiator. Plants also release moisture into the air.

Take less warm baths and showers as warm water and soaking in water removes oils from your skin. You can help yourself more by putting moisturizer in the bath, but be careful because the tub will get slippery. Decrease the regularity of toning sessions and use those with very low alcohol, and remember to exfoliate regularly.

Summer Skin Protection

Always use sunscreen, wear sun protection clothes and do not linger in the sun. The sun is most powerful between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm so stay out of it between these times.

Use a cooling cleansing agent to remove excess sweat and oil that will clog pores if left. Use one that has salicylic acid in it to reduce the risk of pimples. Cleansers that contain menthol will keep pores clean and also feel good.

Change your moisturizer, as you will need less now than in the winter. Apply facial mask about once a week to deep clean sweat pores and keep the skin at a neutral pH. Finally, always remember to rinse your skin with clean, cool water after swimming to get rid of salt or chlorine.