Baby Skin Care Natural Products

Caring for a baby's skin is very different to that for children and adults, as it is usually just about avoiding diaper rash and heat rash. It is easy to forget about other aspects of a baby’s skin, because it seems perfect -- gentle and supple. However, careful looking after your baby's skin can make your baby much happier. In addition to diaper rash and heat rash, babies can contract a condition known as "cradle cap" and their skin can become dry very easily. Baby's skin can burn because they are low on melanin. Also, due to the rush of hormones at birth, babies can even get acne.

One of the most important things you can do for your baby is to keep him from being exposed to strong sunlight during the first six months of his life. Make sure that while outdoors, your baby is covered with good clothing, hat and tiny sunglasses. If your child is a toddler, it is never too early for you to teach your baby the importance of protecting their skin from the sun and developing this habit from a very young age. Make sure you don’t use sunscreen until your baby is at least six months old.

When it comes to baby skin care, there are many special baby natural skin care products available in the stores. Follow the instructions on the labels before using them on your baby. You shouldn’t use adult skin care on your baby because these products are too strong. You may also need to change the detergent you use for laundry if it affects your baby's skin.

Change your baby's diaper as soon as it needs changing. Infections may develop if you fail to do this. Wash your baby's skin with baby wipes or warm water. Don’t use wipes that have alcohol or your baby’s skin will dry out. Clean right into the folds of the skin and do it very gently. Apply a specially formulated cream or ointment onto your baby's skin to prevent diaper rash.

Regularly moisturizing using cream and lotion designed for babies will aid in keeping moisture in the skin. Too much bathing can do the opposite. When you are bathing your baby, use warm water, and if you are dealing with cradle cap, scrub the top of your baby's head very gently with a very soft brush. If your house has dry air, it may be wise to invest in a humidifier. Do not expose your baby to too much wind or cold temperature.

A baby's skin doesn’t sweat properly, so your baby cannot control his or her body temperature effectively. Sometimes, your baby can get heat rash, so make sure you dress your baby in comfortable clothes that fit very loosely to avoid this. If you are unsure whether your baby has heat rash already then see a doctor.

You may have read enough baby books to know by now that good habits start at a young age, so make sure you get your child into a proper skin care routine for good skin in the future.