Natural Skin Care Tips for Women

Skin care products are designed for different groups of people. There are skin care products designed for children, men and women. Then there are skin care products designed for the different skin types or even age groups.

Natural skin care for women differs from skin care for babies, children, teens, men or older people. Skin care even differs among women at various stages of life.

The way a woman looks on the outside can quite often reflect what is going on inside. A woman with poor diet (e.g., high-fat, high-salt diet) would have poor skin, whereas a woman with good diet has healthy looking skin.

Poor skin may also be a reflection of bad habits such as drinking, smoking and drug abuse. Poor diet and bad habits rob the skin of important nutrients that it needs.

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  • While women may not shave their faces, they do shave in other places, often those that are highly sensitive, so it is important to avoid irritation, cuts or ingrown hairs, which will be made worse by shaving.
  • Women should also try to limit salt in their diet. Salt helps to keep water retention under control, but if the body has too much salt, the skin appears bloated.
  • Women seem to like having their skin treated using complex procedures like augmentation, laser treatment and dermabrasion, which can indeed produce some good results, but too much of this will cause things to go bad. These sorts of treatments cannot be reversed so make sure you know what you are undertaking.
  • Hormone fluctuations during pregnancy and menopause also cause changing skin patterns, but these are usually unavoidable.

Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnant women should check skin care products if they are safe to use during pregnancy. Whenever possible, skin care products that explicitly state they are safe to use during pregnancy should be the preferred choice over those that do not say so in their labels.

Pregnancy often causes normal skin to turn very oily, so it may be necessary to switch to a skin care product that fights acne, and to exfoliate more regularly to help clean deep pores.

Pregnant women should definitely continue to moisturize their skin, especially in growing areas, as this will help prevent stretch marks.

Pregnant women should also massage their feet, as they will be taking the strain of the extra weight.

Using a lotion that contains menthol is recommended because it has a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin.

Using sunscreen is also important because the skin’s pigmentation changes during pregnancy.

Skin Care During Menopause

Changing progesterone and estrogen levels make the skin change. The skin may begin to sag, wrinkle and go thinner, and even slightly drier as a result of slower sebum production.

Menopausal women may even undergo a second bout of acne.

Odd dark areas and split blood vessels will probably also spring up. Women who are at the menopausal stage need to keep their skin from drying out by moisturizing regularly and taking fewer hot baths and showers. Hot water tends to dry out the skin.

The risk for skin cancer is also higher at this stage, so women should closely monitor any mole and dark areas of skin, as well as wear good sun protection whenever they are outdoors.