How to Take Care of Dry Cracked Skin

As if dry cracked skin does not offer plenty of issues by itself, there are even worse things. As soon as eczema sets in fully or psoriasis makes itself a home on your skin, you can quickly go from dried out and itchy to cracked and painful skin.

Cracks to your skin can be painful, and that pain sensation can get a lot worse whenever you move or stretch.

Dry Cracked Skin on Feet and Hands

Usually the hands and feet are most predisposed to these cracks, which physicians refer to as skin fissures.

The heels of the feet and the knuckles on the fingers are particularly susceptible to this issue. If you go barefoot regularly or have open backed heels on your shoes you will be even more prone to suffer cracked skin on your feet.

How to treat dry skin: Tips for relief

How do you Treat Dry Cracked Skin

The foremost thing to do is start soaking the area frequently. The best way for you to deal with any skin cracking is by hydrating the area each and every evening.

The cells within the skin require a certain level of moisture. They soak it up just like small sponges. Therefore, every night before you turn in, make sure you soak the cracked part of the skin in warm water for around 20 minutes. This will enable the skin cells to soak up the water and hydrate them. Once you are done soaking, make sure you pat the area dry by using a soft towel.

Now that you have hydrated the skin cells, you need to maintain the moisture in there or you will be right back where you began.

So, after you have done soaking, seal in the moisture with a petroleum jelly product. Creams you may have, do not seal as well as Vaseline and other lubricants are able to.

Of course, after you have hydrated and lubed, you will have slimy hands or feet although that is no dilemma if you are organized.

You need to put on cotton socks on your feet or cotton gloves for your hands and then go to bed. While you sleep, the moisture can begin to revitalize your skin cells and enable your feet or hands to heal up properly.

How do you fix Dry Cracked Lips

Dry cracked skin can also show up on your lips. This skin is a bit different, so it is better to prevent as opposed to having to treat by using a lip balm.

Tartar control toothpaste can actually cause cracked skin and other rashes. This only occurs if it is used more than once each day, but it is important to be aware of.

Besides avoiding over use of tartar control tooth care, it is best to additionally keep balm on your lips and keep your entire body hydrated.

How to Prevent Dry Cracked Skin

Wherever the issue rears its head, there are many things that you can do to help. Cracked skin means that you are not adequately protecting your body and it could become a health risk.

Cracked skin, whether it is on your lips, hands, feet, or elsewhere is not only painful, but can also be unattractive and discomforting.

Hands are hard to conceal, and perhaps you like open heeled shoes or flip-flops. In addition, it is not very good for your well-being to have cracks on your skin. The best bet therefore is to prevent and treat the problem.

First and foremost, always keep your body hydrated by consuming plenty of water.

Soak the area nightly for a minimum of 20 minutes and then seal them with Vaseline or petroleum based lubricant as opposed to a moisturizing cream that will not seal the fluids in. Cover up using a cotton glove or socks and head to bed. Perform the ritual nightly and you will soon have smooth feet or hands that are clear of those painful and unsightly cracks.