Skin and Hair Care During Pregnancy

Congratulations – you are pregnant! Along with your slowly expanding midsection and morning sickness, you might be noticing changes in your hair and skin. Raging hormones might be making your skin break out like a teenager or your hair might have suddenly gone out of control. With a few simple steps, you can keep yourself looking and feeling good.

Skin Changes in Pregnancy

You might have noticed changes in your skin since you have gotten pregnant. Your face might look worse than your high school yearbook picture, and all of a sudden, you have more skin to deal with. Nobody wants to hear those dreaded words – stretch marks!

Pregnancy skin care does not have to be a challenge however.

First, you want to check your normal beauty products.

You should avoid using some anti-wrinkle treatments on pregnant skin, as they can be absorbed into the body. If you are concerned talk to your doctor or switch products.

You might also find that your current products are too drying or too oily for your new skin. Using a good, quality facial cleanser should help with breakouts but be careful with acne products as they might dry out your skin.

When bathing, look for moisturizing products instead of soap. This will help maintain the natural oils in your skin to keep you glowing instead of looking dried out. Use moisturizing bath soaks if you take a bath. Try bath and body products that are Ph balanced for the best effect.

After the tub, some basic steps can help your skin continue to look great. Remember your UV protection – skin changes during pregnancy can make it easier for you to burn. Use a good moisturizer and use it often as your skin cells are regenerating faster during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks

Pay special attention to your expanding midsection – while nothing can totally prevent stretch marks, keeping that area well moisturized can minimize them and keep you feeling comfortable. Many women swear by cocoa butter, and there are several pregnancy skin care products on the market.

In addition, do not forget those swollen feet! A massage with a cooling foot gel can really feel good on tired feet. Alternatively, invest in a pedicure, especially since now you might not be able to see or reach your own feet.

Skin and hair care tips during pregnancy - Dr. Rasya Dixit

What Pregnancy does to your Hair

Many women report that their hair seems longer and thicker during pregnancy. This is usually because the hair fallout process slows down and you keep hairs that normally would have come out on their own during brushing and shampooing. Enjoy it while it lasts – many women find it coming out in clumps during the postpartum weeks!

When getting your haircut, avoid a drastic change.

Having shorter hair does not always mean that it is easier to deal with. It is usually best to stay within a similar length and shape of what you already have.

If you are carrying your pregnancy weight in your face, wearing your hair straight or longer can make your face look more slender. Lots of layers or bangs cut straight across will accentuate a heavier face.

Also remember that you may not have the time or energy for regular cuts once the baby is born, or to do your half hour beauty routine.

Styles that work on the longer side or that can be pulled back easily are often better than short styles when you are in a hurry or exhausted.

Can I have my Hair Dyed when Pregnant

If you color or highlight your hair, check with your doctor about whether you can continue. Very few studies have been done on the effect of hair dye on the unborn baby, so it is generally recommended foregoing hair coloring if you can.

Some doctors will allow highlighting, as the chemicals don’t come in contact with your scalp. Instead of coloring your hair at home, now is also the time to invest in having a professional do it.

If you want to continue looking your best after the baby is born, invest in two-in-one styling aids and pretty hair clips to take care of your hair. If your hair seems dry, get a heavier conditioner or a leave in treatment. Braiding damp hair in the morning will lead to waves in the evening when you are hoping for a night out.

With just a few moments, a day you can keep yourself looking and feeling good throughout pregnancy, and beyond!