Skin Cancer Prevention Tips

The human body is a wonderful machine. The intricacies that help us perform at our best are more astonishing than the world’s fastest computer. The body is made up of thousands and thousands of cells. Cells which make up tissues and tissues which make up the organs that help keep the body protected and alive.

The largest organ in the human body is that outer layer of protection called skin. Skin cancer prevention, and cancer prevention in general, is the most common words associated currently when discussing this valuable organ.

It is helpful to think of skin in the same manner as the protective covering found on a vehicle. The outer body of the vehicle covers up the delicate wiring and the engine. Without the panels and paint, the internal machinations of the car would be exposed to the harsh elements.

The skin performs the same function on the human body.

How to prevent skin cancer

What Can Cause Skin Cancer

The skin is made up of cells to form an outward barrier against elements, bacteria and damage.

The epidermis is the layer that lies along the surface. It is the one that is visible and is the one that absorbs the most damage from such things as ultraviolet light emitted by the sun and tanning beds.

The dermis is the subcutaneous layer which houses the hair follicles and the nerves. It also protects the underlying muscle tissue and the body’s internal organs.

Each day thousands of cells are shed and new ones take their place. But without proper skin care and prevention techniques, irreversible damage can take place.

One of the most damaging elements is the sun or tanning beds. A very close second is smoke.

How Does Skin Cancer Start

Skin cancer occurs when the cell becomes damaged and the immune system is unable to repair or defend against the mutated cells. Depending on the type of cell infected, different types of skin cancer occur.

It is important to remember that not all skin cancers are malignant. Malignant cancers are those that can spread to adjoining tissue or spread throughout the body into other areas.

What Can You Do to Prevent Skin Cancer

Taking care of our skin is the most important step in skin cancer prevention.

Each and every exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds damages the skin. The damage might not manifest itself for many years but it is occurring.

Simple skin cancer prevention begins with childhood. A single coating of sun block significantly reduces the damaging UV rays.

A wide brim hat is another great tool in skin cancer prevention.

Not exposing oneself to smoke, first or second-hand, is something that reduces the risk of any type of cancer. It is not opinion. It is fact with countless medical reports backing the statistics up.

If there is any doubt or confusion on skin cancer prevention and to increase the odds for disease prevention, there are many websites such as WebMD that can answer any questions. Another great source for information is the American Cancer Society or a dermatologist. Sometimes a great offence is a strong defence.

Knowledge is the most useful tool in the fight against cancer and as more advanced protection becomes available, it is each person’s responsibility to find out all they can.