Kelp Vitamin – Sea Kelp Supplement and Iodine

Sea Kelp Vitamins

Sea Kelp is a brown algae seaweed which is so high in vitamins, nutrients and minerals that it works wonderfully as an all round every day vitamin. It is a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, as well as minerals such as copper, iodine and magnesium.

Sea Kelp is particularly useful as a women’s vitamin, because it is high in iron, calcium and potassium, all of which tend to be essential for women during menstruation, and while pregnant or nursing.

What Is Kelp

Kelp is a general term used to describe a class of over thirty brown marine algae seaweeds, although not all of them are brown. It is a fast growing sea vegetable that grows wild in underwater “kelp forests” in shallow open ocean waters.

Kelp has a salty taste to it and people have been known to use it in place of salt. It is also a natural source of iodine and this is where a lot of its medicinal, healing and wellness power comes into play.

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Sea Kelp and Iodine

Iodine is essential to your body, because it helps the thyroid gland to function properly. In turn, the thyroid control’s growth, energy and metabolism in the body.

Since sea kelp is a natural source of iodine, it is absorbed by your body more slowly and safely than chemical iodine is. For people that are allergic to chemical iodine, kelp is an ideal alternative.

Sea Kelp Benefits

Kelp regulates both the thyroid and pituitary glands, plus it activates all glands in your body. It is wonderful for nail growth and hair loss and it can help regulate your body temperature. It even helps if you have problems with chronic low body temperature.

Kelp is beneficial to the pancreas and the prostrate. In fact it helps with both female and male organs in the body. It also builds cell membranes, helps the digestive system, can help prevent the growth of tumors, can help cleanse the body of radiation, and normalize glands and hormones. That last part makes it an excellent supplement to take while pregnant, particularly because Kelp contains such high mineral content as well.

The naturally high iodine content of Sea Kelp helps it act as an antibiotic in your body as well. When there is an infection in your body, Kelp will help assist the thyroid to release more iodine into your blood stream and iodine kills infections.

Kelp can be made into a tea to take when you have strep throat.

Add a gel capsule of ground kelp to regular, hot black tea, let it dissolve, stir it around and then drink the tea.

The kelp coats the throat as it goes down, and the iodine kills the strep bacteria. It will also relieve pain almost immediately. Although it is gritty and does not taste too good in tea form, it works really fast and it is cheap as well.

Kelp Benefits for Weight Loss

Although not so well-known, Kelp offers some benefits for weight loss. Although there is no definitive evidence that sea kelp is effective for long term weight management, available findings suggest seaweeds may have potential benefits on obesity.

Since iodine regulates your thyroid, this can also stimulate your metabolism and give you more energy. Since it also acts as a diuretic, it will help you shed water that your body might otherwise retain. Working together, these two benefits of kelp can help you achieve your personal weight loss goals.