Healthy Herbs and Herbal Supplements

If you have taken any notice of the mainstream news over the last couple of years, you have likely noticed an evolving and alarming trend. Common pharmaceutical medications can have severe side effects that are not discovered until something bad has happened. Most of the time though, the side effects from these medications are actually known about from the beginning. In fact, it often appears as though the side effects a medicine causes is far worse than the issue it is attempting to relieve you from to begin with.

Fortunately, there are several entirely natural, safe and healthy herbs available, which are a great deal cheaper than pharmaceutical treatments, and have little to no side effects as well. On occasions, the herbs even work a lot better than any synthetic remedies invented. Here are a few of these herbs that you might not be aware of.

Top 20 Healing Herbs for Women and Men

Black Cohosh

Because it is a natural source of estrogen, this herb is particularly good for women. It is quite effective and a much safer option when managing uncomfortable symptoms of menopause like hot flashes. For non-menopausal women Black Cohosh can help control your menstrual flow, and when combined with Ginger it can additionally reduce menstrual spasms. It should be noted that if you develop a headache when taking Black Cohosh, the likelihood is that you are exceeding the suggested dosage. Cutting down future doses should relieve this issue.

Black Walnut

This herb will eradicate and expel either internal or external parasites, including malaria parasites along with tapeworms. It can additionally be used for herpes and impetigo, to balance sugar levels in your body and to regulate body fluids. Given that black walnut also contains natural fluoride, it will also help strengthen and build tooth enamel.


This all-round general use herb can be utilized for virtually anything. It works as a contact healer, meaning that it relieves pain and begins healing wounds upon contact. In addition, it reduces pain and swelling of pulled tendons, can be used for acne and athlete’s foot and can even be used on cuts, burns, abrasions or broken bones.


Known as a lung herb, because it expels mucus along with phlegm from your bronchi, only the seed part of fenugreek is used. It is also an excellent herb to use for migraine headaches as well as helping the gastrointestinal system as well.


This is a remarkable herb, which tastes wonderful as a hot or cold tea. It is probably among the oldest and widest known herbs for helping with stomach-aches, intestinal colic and stomach bloating in both children or adults. It helps expel stomach and colon gas, reduces bloating, as well as generally calming the stomach. Peppermint is additionally very good as a stimulant, which may be used instead of coffee. In addition, it can even be used in place of aspirin for headaches as well.

Aloe Vera Uses for Burns and Natural Skin Care

Aloe Vera Uses for Burns and Natural Skin Care

Aloe Vera is possibly one of the most popular and most used herbs in the natural healing world. From burns to natural skin care, it has a multitude of uses
Capsicum - Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

Capsicum - Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

Cayenne herbs, also known as Capsicum, are one of the most important herbs for health and wellness. Cayenne pepper health benefits are many
Benefits of Chickweed Herb

Benefits of Chickweed Herb

The health benefits of chickweed herb include contact healing that relieves pain as well as stimulating healing as soon as it is applied

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll Herbal Supplements

The Chlorophyll herb has a very long list of uses and contains numerous nutrients that are easily assimilated by the human body

Echinacea Herb Health Benefits

Echinacea is a well known and popular herb that is primarily used as an infection fighter, natural antibiotic and to reduce cold and flu symptoms

Health Benefits of Goldenseal Root

Goldenseal root powder is a natural, extremely strong antibiotic that is an excellent infection fighter as well as offering many other health benefits
Health Medicinal Benefits of Garlic Herbs

Health Medicinal Benefits of Garlic Herbs

The health benefits of garlic are many since it is a potent and strong antibiotic which is very effective against toxic bacteria, viruses, and fungus
Kelp Vitamin - Sea Kelp Supplement and Iodine

Kelp Vitamin - Sea Kelp Supplement and Iodine

Sea Kelp is a herb which is so high in vitamins, nutrients and minerals that it works wonderfully as an all round every day vitamin, particularly for women

White Willow Bark Health Benefits

White willow bark is a herbal supplement that performs the same functions as Aspirin but without all the unwanted side effects