Nutritional Dietary Supplements

Nutritional Dietary SupplementsVitamins are classed as essential simply because they ensure that our bodies function as they were designed to. However, as important as vitamins are, the human body has no means to produce its own. Instead, it must rely on outside sources to meet its nutritional needs. Vitamins are natural organic compounds that are found in many foods we consume and additionally in the form of a nutritional dietary supplements.

Fourteen different vitamins are needed to perform such crucial functions as helping protect against infections and disease, helping the bodies metabolism, helping the body grow and helping the body remove waste.

Micronutrition Pt 1 - Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins can be compared to building blocks in as much that a healthy human body is able to put these blocks together to create the enzymes and hormones that, among other things, control blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels and many other chemical reactions.

The recommended daily allowance or RDA of the various vitamins and dietary supplements is different depending on an individuals age and current state of health.

Pregnant women for instance need a different combination of vitamins and minerals to protect the fetus against birth defects. On the other hand, men have different requirements to that of women and depending on age younger and elderly adults have differing needs when it comes to nutrition.

As well as thinking of food as a source of fuel, you should also give your body the right type of fuel so that it will perform at optimum efficiency. Give the body the wrong type of fuel and it's performance will begin to decline.

Why take Dietary Supplements

Although it may not be noticeable at first, vitamin and mineral deficiencies can lead to serious health issues further down the line. These days, very few people eat what could be considered as a nutritionally balanced diet. In fact, many people from all age groups have developed some very poor eating habits. Foods that are high in fat, processed foods and convenience food have all taken the place of healthy eating.

Because people cannot see what is going on inside their bodies, it is difficult to get a good understanding of the negative effects that a poor diet can have on the body. Generally, it is not until the body begins putting on excess weight that the effects start to become visually noticeable. However, trouble has already started building inside the body long before the excess weight shows on the outside.

Vitamin deficiencies can show up in various ways depending on the nutrition that your body is deficient in. For instance, low levels of Vitamin D can cause weak or even deformed bones whereas a Vitamin E deficiency can lead to the destruction of red blood cells. Low Vitamin C intake can cause ailments such as weakness, sore muscles, tiredness and can cause gums to bleed. Overall deficiency in all vitamins can even lead to death.

Nutritional dietary supplements are an effective way to fill in the nutritional gaps caused by poor eating habits. However, the only truly accurate way of knowing whether the body is getting enough vitamins is with a blood test.

If you consider that you are not getting enough vitamins then the chances are that you are not. Do yourself a favor and find out soon.

Vitamin List

Vitamin List

Found in foods and supplements, there are 14 vitamins essential for good health, proper growth, and functioning of our bodies
Difference Between Fat Soluble and Water Soluble Vitamins

Difference Between Fat Soluble and Water Soluble Vitamins

Depending upon how the body processes a particular vitamin will determine whether they are water soluble vitamins or fat soluble vitamins
Liquid Vitamins and Minerals vs Pills

Liquid Vitamins and Minerals vs Pills

There are two methods of taking vitamin supplements which are either in the form of liquid vitamins and minerals or in the more traditional tablet or capsule form but which is absorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently?
Prenatal Vitamins - Pregnancy Vitamin Supplement

Prenatal Vitamins - Pregnancy Vitamin Supplement

Expectant mothers are often prescribed a pregnancy vitamin supplement. Some doctors also recommend taking prenatal vitamins if you are planning to conceive
Childrens Vitamins - Vitamins for Children

Childrens Vitamins - Vitamins for Children

Vitamins for children play a vital role in maintaining healthy growth and the child needs to receive these essential vitamins on a daily basis, especially in their early years
Vitamins for Seniors - Vitamins and the Elderly

Vitamins for Seniors - Vitamins and the Elderly

As we grow older, our bodies become less efficient at absorbing nutrients which can result in seniors becoming deficient in certain vitamins and minerals
Daily Multi-Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

Daily Multi-Vitamins and Mineral Supplements

Taking daily multi-vitamins and mineral supplements will ensure that your body stays nutritionally balanced and healthy

List of Essential Minerals

There are 16 essential minerals - Calcium, Chloride, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sulphur, Sodium and Zinc

Essential Mineral Supplements

Essential minerals are labeled as such because they are essential to maintaining human health as well as helping the body perform many important functions

Essential Mineral Nutrients

You have no doubt heard that it is important to provide ourselves with mineral nutrients for body and health but few of us understand why

Health Supplements

There are a number of different health supplements available these days. From vitamin and mineral supplements through to natural anti aging supplements, you can find supplements for many different ailments. If you suffer from arthritis, you may have come...

Healthy Nutrition

Healthy nutrition, which is the relationship between the food that we consume and the well-being of the body, is important for folks of all ages

Weight Loss Nutrition

Weight loss nutrition is extremely important when following fad diets as they tend to cut out nutritional foods from your diet, which starves your body of the vital nutrients that it needs
Updated: November 21, 2018
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