Health Benefits of Chlorophyll Herbal Supplements

Chlorophyll is frequently referred to as Nature’s Green Magic. Additionally, it is known as the blood of plant life, since it is the life force of plants. Chlorophyll contains numerous nutrients that are easily assimilated by the human body. In fact, the molecular composition of Chlorophyll is very similar to the molecular structure of human hemoglobin otherwise known as our red blood cells.

Chlorophyll has a very long list of uses. It can be used for simple nutrition and digestion, for cleansing and healing, to purify the body’s organs, and to create a healthy intestinal tract.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll

Here are several good examples of Chlorophyll’s power.

  • It can help control as well as regulate calcium levels within the body. This is especially helpful for menstruating women, since as much as 40% more calcium is present in menstrual blood, and you could very quickly become calcium deficient during your period.
  • Chlorophyll helps with blood sugar issues, controlling blood sugar levels within your body which is beneficial to overall health and well being, and may even help with weight loss endeavors.
  • Chlorophyll boosts iron levels in your blood, which is particularly helpful for expectant mothers or nursing women.
  • This herb is wonderful as a general cleanser or for use in a detoxification diet. The Chlorophyll fluids are said to clean cell structures and help develop new cell life.
  • Bacteria’s, which cause diseases, find it difficult to live in the presence of Chlorophyll, so growth and development of toxic bacteria can be limited or even stopped.
  • Chlorophyll counteracts harmful toxins as well as suppressing the actions of cancer causing elements.
  • It can help purify the liver to eliminate toxic deposits accumulated through drug usage, chemical substances in foods, artificial flavorings as well as other potentially harmful things from our daily lives which get stored there.
  • It speeds up tissue and cell growth or regrowth activity, which in turn helps the body heal more rapidly.
  • It can help get the bowels moving, and acts as a detergent and deodorizer for the intestinal tract, bowel and the body.
  • It helps destroy toxic and disease causing bacteria in the colon, helps repair damaged bowel tissue and helps eliminate mucous from the bowel as well.
  • Chlorophyll can also help reduce and eliminate bad breath.

This is only a small sampling of all the wonderful qualities and health benefits this herb offers.

I have personally used Chlorophyll for several years as a general daily vitamin. I initially started taking it during menstruation only, because it is so high in calcium and I occasionally became anemic during that time.

I have likewise used it over time for constipation relief. Taking just one gel capsule with the powdered herb inside has a tendency to take care of the constipation issues in just a few hours.

Additionally, when dieting, especially with a very low carbohydrate diet, Chlorophyll works extremely well for getting rid of bad breath and body odors.