Capsicum – Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

Cayenne Pepper - Capsicum

Cayenne pepper, also known as Capsicum, is one of the most important herbs for health and wellness. It is said to be a “must have” for anyone who uses herbs for remedies or general health. The active component in capsicum which makes them hot is a chemical called Capsaicin. You will quite often find cayenne-pepper combined with other herbs, because it acts as a catalyst which stimulates your body to heal faster. Stimulation is a key factor in healing your body, and if cayenne is taken regularly it can reach every part of your body, helping with healing, cleansing, and getting everything to begin to function the way that it was designed to.

Cayenne Health Benefits

Capsicum is very high in Vitamin C, and that alone makes it a great choice for taking when you feel a cold coming on. Try mixing it with a herbal antibiotic when treating the likes of flu or infections as it can help in resolving the problems that much quicker.

The Top 3 Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Blood Circulation

Cayenne is a great herbal choice for improving blood circulation. In fact, the entire circulatory system is helped with this herb because it feeds the cell structure of arteries, veins, and capillaries, and this in turn helps them to regain elasticity.

In addition, capsicum helps regulate the flow of blood, and normalize blood pressure. The blood pressure regulation makes it an excellent herbal choice for either high or low blood pressure problems. Taking cayenne will not increase your heart rate, but it will strengthen your pulse within minutes of taking it.

If you find that your arms or hands ‘go to sleep’, especially if you lie on them when sleeping, try taking a capsicum tablet before going to bed. You will more than likely find that because your circulation is improved, you will not suffer with your hands and arms during the night.

Cayenne has been used to treat shock victims or to prevent people from going into shock. It is also known to stop bleeding, both internal or external.

Cuts and Grazes

For minor cuts and grazes that are also bleeding, sprinkle some cayenne directly onto the wound in order to make it stop. Putting Cayenne onto a wound will feel warm, but it will not create any burns or blisters and does not generally cause additional pain. Treating wounds this way also helps stimulate healing as well as stopping the bleeding at the same time.

Sore Throat

Cayenne is said to diminish the symptoms of sore throats as well. If you feel a sore throat coming on or you already have one, try mixing some cayenne in warm water and then take it as a gargle. Do this every fifteen to thirty minutes and you may be surprised just how quickly your sore throat disappears.