Changing to a Raw Food Cleansing Diet

Look at any health or fitness magazine and you will likely come across references to various cleansing and detoxifying programs. There is good reason for cleansing diet programs and detox diets to be in the media so much and that is because they are beneficial to the body and can improve energy, health and vitality. However, if you are considering becoming a vegetarian or going on the raw food detox diet for health reasons, you may want to read what all the dietitians and scientists have to say about this type of lifestyle.

Raw Food Cleansing Diet Pros and Cons

As with any diet, there are those who are both for and against vegans and raw food diet practices, so you will have to decide for yourself which diet is best for you.

Most nutritionists say that it is important for everyone to eat as outlined in the food pyramid. It suggests that humans should consume about two servings of meat per day in order to get the right amount of protein and vitamin B12, which only comes from animals.

Raw food cleansing recipes do not usually have high amounts of this vitamin. This is largely due to the fact the raw diet consists of fruits and vegetables, and it is unsafe to consume raw meat or seafood. However, you can take a vitamin B12 supplement that is in keeping with ‘raw’ standards if you are concerned that you are not getting enough of this vitamin.

Many folks also believe that eating raw is a fad, and that because of this, those who are on the raw food cleansing diet will not take the necessary precautions to make sure they are getting their daily serving of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. However, the raw diet is perhaps the oldest one on earth. Before humans knew how or had the capabilities to kill animals for food, the early inhabitants of the earth ate nuts, fruits, vegetables and berries.

Raw Food Cleansing Diet Vegetables and Fruit

Raw Food Cleansing Diet Vegetables and Fruit

Raw Food Cleansing Diet Lifestyle

You may also be wondering about lifestyle and raw food diet since this is a concern for many folks who are thinking about ‘switching over’. As with vegans, raw diet enthusiasts, or ‘purists’ believe that they should eat, wear, and purchase things that are from the natural goods of the earth.

It may take some time to get rid of your manufactured cosmetics or clothing, so give yourself time if you really want to adopt the raw food diet as a lifestyle. Most folks who try a raw food cleansing diet for a few weeks start to notice a definite change in energy and stamina, and experience better moods and sounder sleep, so they continue to ‘live raw.’

If you are trying to get your weight under control, manage diabetes, or repair your body after a heart attack or stroke, and raw food diet tips are recommended by your physician or naturopathic health consultant, you can use the diet as a ‘quick fix’ for a few weeks.

However, an interesting thing happens to many folks while adhering to a cleansing diet that is centered on living raw foods. They find that they have less of a sweet tooth and more of an appetite for those live foods that taste so wonderful. The chances are that when you have been following a raw food cleansing diet plan, you will want to adjust your lifestyle to include more raw foods as you notice your health improving