Pros and Cons of a Fruitarian Detox Diet

The term fruitarian detox was completely unknown to the vast majority of folks until they were in the middle of watching the movie Notting Hill where a woman described herself as being fruitarian. Although the scene in the film was laughable, following a fruitarian detox diet is something that is taken very seriously by a small but dedicated group of folks.

The main premise, when following this form of a raw vegan diet, has to do with a person limiting him or her self to only eating fruits, some varieties of seeds, and a limited selection of vegetables. Of course, much of the food selection that a fruitarian chooses for this living raw lifestyle depends on how strictly they choose to follow this diet.

Fruitarian Detox Diet

Is a Fruitarian Detox Diet Healthy

While there are a number of advocates of the living raw lifestyle who claim that a fruitarian detox diet is healthy and safe, there are also many doctors and nutritionists who strongly disagree. Most medical doctors are united in saying that a diet, which consists only of fruit, is unsafe and will not deliver sufficient nutrition to the body.

For this reason, the medical profession warn that following this type of diet for a prolonged period is not wise and will not sustain healthy and vital living. Because of this advice and concern, the majority of fruitarians include supplementary sources of nourishment and other food components into their diets, although they still rely on raw fruits as the lion’s share of their daily food supply.

The Mission and Goal of

Fruitarian Detox Diet History

The idea of a fruitarian detox diet goes back a long way in human history to a time when humans were in their primeval state, and only had a diet that consisted of living foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Fruitarians are also quick to point out that many health and digestive problems are created by the cooking of foods, as is commonly practiced in today’s modern world. They claim that many common diseases and illnesses can be prevented or even reversed, simply by focusing on raw food as the main part of a daily eating plan.

What Does a Fruitarian Eat

Although eating raw food is central to the fruit diet, there are several varieties of fruit and vegetables that are simply indigestible unless they are cooked. Those who warn against a strict fruitarian way of life, use this point to suggest that cooking processes in reality have expanded the nutritional choices available to the human race, rather than destroying nutrients, as extreme fruitarians would have us believe.

While there are always two sides to any argument, the reality in this case falls somewhere in the middle. There is of course no doubt that fruit adds many beneficial nutritional elements into the diet. However, reason would dictate that following this path very strictly would get rid of some nutrients that the body needs to thrive. At the same time, there is abundant and clear evidence that cooking fresh and living foods will indeed destroy vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other nutrients.

Nearly everybody who supports the fruitarian detox diet also recognize that relying completely on a very narrow selection of food is not the best or healthiest approach for the long term. Most fruitarians actually try to include other healthy food choices into their diets in order to get complete nutrition.

On the other hand, it should be noted that most folks who eat the standard American diet would benefit significantly if they were to eat raw food in larger quantities, although going all the way to a fruitarian detox diet is too extreme for most.