Benefits of Eating a Raw Food Diet

Raw Food Diet Sushi

Raw Food Diet Sushi

Folks who are committed to following a raw food diet are said to be practicing raw foodism and are affectionately known as raw foodists. In other words, folks who follow a raw food lifestyle do so because they are interested in improving their health and vitality by consuming the bulk of their nourishment in the form of natural foods that have not been cooked, heated, pasteurized or processed. They also attach great importance to eating food that has been organically grown.

Raw Foods vs. Cooked Foods and Enzymes – Dr.Berg

Depending on the results they are trying to achieve, coupled with particular lifestyle choices, there are several variations of a go raw diet that folks can follow. Living raw food diets embrace a wide selection of raw edibles such as fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, sprouts from seeds and from whole grain berries.

Eating a Raw Food Diet vs a Vegan Diet

One common myth associated with folks who consume a raw food diet is that they are also vegans or vegetarians. However, the reality is that a raw foodist can also include meat, fish and eggs, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables in their diets. The only proviso is that those foods must be unpasteurized.

Nevertheless, those who do want to eat raw vegan or raw vegetarian diets would simply follow their normal food selections, but ensuring that their food is not cooked. Because of this flexibility, pretty well any lifestyle can incorporate a diet of eating raw food.

In general, raw foodists consider that the higher proportion of raw foods eaten, the better. There are various studies and also anecdotal reports that support the principle that the larger the ratio of raw foods to cooked foods in the diet, the greater the benefits to a person’s state of health.

Does a Raw Food Diet Help You Lose Weight

Active proponents of the raw food diet community are also quick to claim that eating food raw will not only help folks to lose weight but also assist them in regulating a healthy weight level. In addition, there are several recorded instances of folks recovering from a wide range of illnesses, sickness and even chronic diseases after making the change to a diet that is focused on living foods.

Is a Raw Food Diet Healthy

Many folks have experienced significant turnarounds in their health with a raw food diet and they say that living raw is the only way to go. Some have even gone as far as claiming that it has kept them alive and thriving. A growing number of experts in the field of health and nutrition also advocate eating raw food on a regular basis because of the many benefits folks have experienced, as well as the potential for preventing illness and disease.

Debates and discussions over the years on the advantages of eating a raw food diet have all shown a considerable amount of evidence as to why raw foods are a very beneficial choice for those seeking to maintain and improve health. One primary benefit is that a raw food diet contains important enzymes that are released through chewing and these enzymes help the body to properly digest and use the nutrients found in the foods.

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