Therapeutic Aromatherapy Essential Oils

If you are one of the many people that suffers from anxiety and stress, there is an essential oil that can be used to help relieve that stressful period in your life. The oil in question is Lavendar, which is one of the most widely used therapeutic essential oils for its calming and harmonizing properties. Another good alternative is chamomile, although this one is much lighter and is not as effective for everyone.

Lavender has a very clean scent and is used for maintaining a fresh smell in a room or in the home as well as being used for relaxation in the bedroom. Its versatility is one of the reasons why this oil is one of the most frequently sold scents.

Tea tree oil is another commonly used therapeutic essential oil which can be used for anything from cleaning out a wound to calming a recent mosquito bite. Tea tree oil has a high antiseptic level property, which makes it especially good for this kind of use.

On the other hand, lavender essential oil also has a lot of the same properties, so if you are looking for one oil that can ‘do it all’ lavender essential oil is probably your best bet.

Tea tree oil is also frequently used to clear out the nasal passages or open up congestion in the lungs. The most effective way to use tea tree oil in this way is to put some drops of it in steaming hot water and let the steam come up into your nostrils by placing a towel over your head so that all the evaporation comes to your face. Be careful while you do this, especially if you have a fever or are feeling faint in any way as the extra heat from doing this might not be a good idea. Tea tree oil should never be ingested either straight or in its diluted form.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils!

Lemon oil is a good stimulant for the mind if you are feeling a little depressed or have simply got a case of the winter blues. You can either scent your home or office with lemon essential oil or simply make yourself a cup or a pot of lemon tea.

A double dose of the mind enhancing effect is lemon and ginger in combination, both of which are mental stimulants. The citrus of lemon and the spice of ginger when combined, can make a marked difference in your mental state.

If caffeine is either out of the question for health reasons or you simply do not want it to keep you awake at night, one of the most effective alternatives to coffee is lemon and ginger together in aroma therapy or in tea. Alternatively, you can make lemon ginger chicken for dinner and try it that way!

If you are looking to clear your mind so that you can think in a clear, relaxed manner, but are neither looking to relax your mind nor stimulate it, you might try some of the tree scents, especially pine and balsam. These two essential oils are known for their clarity when in their presence.

The best way that you can use these two is to either by scenting your car or common areas of your home, such as the living room. In winter, this is an especially cozy living room scent.

A good thing to try is scenting different areas of the house with different families of essential oils. A favorite combination is lemon in the bathroom, lavender in the bedroom, tree scents in the living room, and spice scents, such as cloves in the kitchen.

When your home is this thick in essential oils, you will find fewer times when therapeutic usage of essential oils will be needed.