Aromatherapy Home Fragrance – Aroma Therapy Home Uses

The first thing that you will more than likely notice when you first enter your home is the smell, whether it be good or bad. In order that you can have the freshest smelling home on the block, it is worth looking into the use of essential oils. They are easy to use, come in a wide variety of scents and are safe, all natural products. Before you start using essential oils in your home, you should at least know something about them and how they are used.

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural oils that are extracted from seeds, plants, trees, flowers and grasses. Because they are highly flammable, you should keep them away from all heat sources such as the fireplace or candles.

With the exception of lavender and tea tree oils, you should never use undiluted essential oils on your skin due to the possibility of allergic reaction. You should also keep all bottles of essential oil away from children and pets as they can irritate the skin and also cause danger if ingested.


Home Fragrance

One of the most popular ways to use essential oils in your home is to make it smell wonderful. You can experiment with the various scents to see which one that you like best. It is also possible combine various essential oils for a unique home fragrance. In addition, you can change the mood just by using the right essential oils.

For instance, if you want your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable, try using lavender. On the other hand, if you want to invigorate, peppermint oil is an ideal choice. By adding six to eight drops of your favorite oil to boiling water, it is easy to fill your home with a wonderful fragrance. You can also add drops of essential oils to glass candle holders or tart burners to get the same effect.

Freshen your laundry

By adding just a few drops of lavender or other scent to your wash cycle you have your laundry coming out with a fresh smell after every wash. This is especially nice for towels, sheets and other bed linens.

If you do not like the idea of adding oils to your wash, try a few drops of oil to a spray bottle filled with water and then you can spray the bottle directly on your linens or even your clothes. If you need to freshen your rugs or curtains, you can do the same thing.

Insect Deterrent

You can also use essential oils in your home to deter a wide variety of insects. Moths dislike lavender, so you can put a few drops on cotton balls and leave in your drawers. Tea tree oil is good for detracting biting insects and can be used on your skin as an insect repellant.

Colds and Flu

Try putting a few drops of citrus, tea tree oil or peppermint in a humidifier or near a radiator in the winter months to help clear nasal passages. This is very helpful for allergies, as well.

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great alternative for cleaning around the home. You can wipe down kitchen and bathroom surfaces with a mixture of water and lemon, thyme, cypress or lavender. Not only will the oils help clean, but it will leave your room smelling fresh, too. Tea tree oil is a known disinfectant and can be used anywhere you might want to kill germs.

First Aid

You can use tea tree oil to help with first aid. Add a few drops to minor cuts and scrapes to help speed up the healing process. Tea tree oil is a good treatment for head lice.