Ozone Therapy to Detox the Body

While ozone therapy to detox the body is a fairly common and popular modality of treatment in Europe, it is still relatively unknown in the United States. In the view of mainstream medical professionals in the Western culture, it is also one type of body detox that is thought to be somewhat controversial and is looked at with skepticism. However, it is possible that one reason for the controversy is simply because cleansing programs of this type are not well understood.

How Does Ozone Therapy Work

Ozone therapy is a term that refers to the usage of ozone, or O3, in limited dosages with the intention to heal any number of health conditions. The basis of the ozone cleansing programs lies in the scientific fact that many of the ailments that are common to the human race are due to a lack of oxygen circulating throughout the body. Bacterium, fungus, yeast and many other anaerobic microorganisms can only survive in environments that have very low levels of oxygen.

Whenever a person finds themselves with very low levels of oxygen in the tissues and organs of their body, they will be opened up to the various diseases and illnesses that arise when these microorganisms are allowed to flourish. A session of ozone therapy is a very effective way of introducing high levels of oxygen into the entire system and this can essentially set up an environment where fungi, bacteria and yeast will find it difficult to survive.

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Ozone Therapy Sauna

One of the ways that people can enjoy an overall body cleanse through therapy is by adding ozone into a steam sauna. This is a very effective and enjoyable way to gain the benefits of ozone cleansing programs.

The benefits of taking a steam sauna that is infused with ozone include:

  • Detoxification of the skin, the pores and the lymphatic system
  • Deep oxygenation of all of the major organs and tissues of the body
  • A significant boosting of the immune system
  • Stimulation of a response that releases anti-cancer substances throughout the body
  • Improved circulation of blood and oxygen delivery throughout the system
  • Profound relaxation

Another way to enjoy a body detox is with the use of a body suit designed especially for ozone therapy. Immediately following a warm bath or a warm shower, which opens the pores of the skin, the person steps into the ozone body suit and it is zipped up. Once the body suit is sealed at the ankles, wrists and neck to prevent leaks, the ozone is introduced into the body suit.

Another common method of therapy involves ozone insufflations. In this approach, the ozone gas is slowly leaked into specific parts of the body depending on the condition being treated. Because of the many benefits of having a clean colon, rectal insufflations are a common procedure that allows people to avail themselves of generalized, system-wide health improvements from the ozone.

One of the most popular and convenient types of ozone therapy comes in the form of ozonated olive oil. Ozone is bubbled into some olive oil at a high level of concentration and eventually the mixture solidifies and becomes a gel that can be used topically. This ozonated olive oil gel can then be applied to any number of conditions, from acne to herpes to bed sores, and is said to be a very effective treatment.