Colon Cleansing Pills – Colon Detox Pills

If you want to participate in a colon cleanse, but do not want the hassle of taking powders and mixing them with liquid, or getting a colonic, you may want to try colon cleansing pills first to see if there is any improvement in your health. Here are some of the better colon detox pills on the market, as well as key ingredients you can find in them and in your pantry, that will help you to feel better in no time.

How do Colon Cleansing Pills Work

One of the main ingredients in most colon cleansing pills is cascara sagrada. This is a natural laxative that also acts as an antibiotic, so it takes away harmful bacteria and parasites that may be living in your intestines. The natural secretions of the digestive system are also restored when you take Cascara on a regular basis, and the laxative does not create dependency.

Senna pods are another ingredient you will want to look for. Senna helps to regulate the amount of mucus in the body and works as a stimulant for the large and small intestines to aid in the process of digestion and create more frequent bowel movements.

Colon cleansing pills may also contain Turkey Rhubarb, which works well with Senna. Turkey Rhubarb helps to ease stomach pain from gas and bloating, and helps to cleanse and prevent inflammation of the liver.

Alternatives to Colon Cleansing Pills

If you do not fancy taking colon cleansing pills that contain a number of ingredients, you may want to try drinking aloe vera juice first. The juice is a staple when it comes to a healthy colon, since it cleans the liver and kidneys naturally, and lubricates the intestines so that bowel movements are easier and less painful. You can also try taking slippery elm as a supplement, as this will neutralize the acid in your stomach and soothe inflamed internal organs, as well as muscles and joints.

If you want to find colon cleansing pills, check your local health food store, where you will find all the information you need to know on natural herbs and supplements that can restore your health.

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