How to Get Into Aromatherapy

The most essential thing in aromatherapy is the scent itself. Aromatherapy usually uses pure essential oils and mixes them especially for the treatment that is being administered. Buying a scented hand cream that smells nice is not considered buying aromatherapy products. In order to do aromatherapy, you will need a few things, the most important thing being the scent.

High Quality Pure Essential Oils

Do not get duped into buying giant size bottles as essential oils are extremely concentrated and you only need a little bit to go a long way. Buying a larger bottle simply means that by the time you get to the bottom of your bottle, the oil will not be as potent as it was at purchase. Go for small bottles of high quality oils. Check out the symptoms and treatments that are associated with each essential oil; buying based on your nose is okay if you’re buying them to scent your house, but if your looking for some medicinal value, read up on it first!

Carrier Oils to dilute the Essential Oils

Pure essential oils should always be diluted before being applied to the skin as it is never a good idea to simply douse human skin in essential oils. Good carrier oils are low in scent of their own with one of the favorites being almond. In any case, you should choose one that you will feel comfortable getting all over yourself. Do not choose one that feels icky to you because it just means that you will not take the time to use it.

Water is the next most needed thing for practicing aromatherapy. Baths are a frequent relaxation device in aromatherapy in which you dilute a few drops of essential oils in the warm water and enjoy the scented bath. You can also mix a few drops in a large bowl of steaming water and place a towel over your head to increase respiratory functioning and decrease congestion.

Heat is another essential for aromatherapy. What heat does is activate the essential oils, effectively pushing them into action. Essential oils mixed with cold water are only useful as room or linen sprays; if you want aromatherapy baths or steam, warm or hot water has to be used. Another way to use heat in aromatherapy is to heat undiluted essential oils either on an oil burner with a tea light candle under it or in a light bulb ring that activates the essential oil and sends its scent into the air thanks to the heat produced by the light bulb.

Knowledge is an absolute prerequisite for practicing aromatherapy. Essential oils can be bought very easily, do not require prescriptions and do not come with warning labels or possible side effects. They also do not come in bottles that have childproof caps. Before you start practicing aromatherapy, in any way, you should read a book or two from health professionals about getting the most from aromatherapy without putting yourself or your loved ones in danger. Remember that the FDA does not test essential oils for safety or efficacy.

Although it may sound a little strange, inner peace is also a good thing to have around if you are getting into aromatherapy. Expecting anything to work miracles instantaneously is setting yourself up for failure.

In order to benefit from aromatherapy, you have to be the kind of person who believes in positive thinking and non pharmacological healthcare. This is not to say that aromatherapy only makes you THINK you feel better but more a word of advice concerning the results.