Benefits of Using Pure Essential Oils

The power and benefits of using pure essential oils is sometimes underestimated by the many people who use them on a daily basis. Due to the potency of some oils, there is always the possibility that they could cause minor, and sometimes major problems to the people who are using them. However, provided that pure essential oils do not come into direct contact with the body, they are more or less 100% safe. For instance, aromatherapy is all about using essential oils in which the pure oils are used for their scent properties.

Massaging with essential oils is also considered to be harmless although there are certainly ways to cause damage by either using them undiluted or by using diluted ones where the concentrated level is too high.

Pure essential oils have an extremely strong scent, which is why they are used for aromatherapy purposes. However, the strength of their scent also indicates that the concentration level of what is inside is also extremely high. A lavender sprig might not make you break out in hives, but applying pure lavender essential oil directly to your skin might very well cause a rash as a result.

The bottom line is that essential oils are extremely powerful things and caution should always be taken when working with something that is this concentrated and powerful. Always do allergy tests on yourself, and then wait a few days before deciding that your skin is not reacting to the essential oil, and even then, do not think that you can apply it as much and as often as you want to. It is not unheard of to develop a skin rash in the face of frequent application of a particular oil. Always dilute the oils in carrier oils and always use them sparingly to avoid developing any allergic reaction.

On the other hand, it is the potency and power of essential oils that gives them their extreme healing powers and an incredible ability to change your state of mind or to relax or stimulate your brain. It is precisely because they are so strong that they can make such a marked difference when it comes to altering your state.

A regular hand lotion may well smell nice when you apply it, but within minutes, the scent is gone, and the benefit of using the lotion is limited to the effect it has on your hands in terms of moisturizing them.

The potency of essential oils is such that you will be enjoying their scent for hours after using them. It is this sort of longevity that is one of the main factors in bringing about a more permanent change in your mental state, which is, ultimately, what most people are looking for.

Essential oils have the power to change your state of mind, your state of thinking, the state of cleanliness in your home or change the way that you feel when you walk into your bedroom.

Essential oils can be used as aphrodisiacs and are much more potent than candles and a lot safer than incense. They come in numerous different scents with one that is right for any occasion and any room.

As well as smelling nice, pure essential oils also have the power to heal as well as having the power to change your thinking. They have been known to cure athlete’s foot and high blood pressure as well as menstrual cramps and arthritis pain. Their uses are many and so varied that using them for a few years will not even begin to initiate you fully into the world of essential oils. There is a lifetime of discovery ahead of you.

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