Essential Oil Absolute – Aromatherapy Absolutes

Essential oil absolute is most commonly used in the fragrance industry, but has recently become an aspect of aromatherapy as well. The scent of absolutes can invoke powerful feelings and emotions from individuals. Aromatherapy absolutes are much like essential oils, because they are both extracted from plants. However, the method used during the extraction process is much different from that of the essential oil.

Essential oils are extracted using a steam distillation process. On the other hand, the process of extracting absolutes involves the use of chemicals and solvents. This method of extraction creates a more concentrated and more fragrant version of the plant’s essence. Absolutes can be successful in aromatherapy, but they must be handled with extreme care as there is always a danger of allergic reaction. Using essential oil absolute in aromatherapy will help with the healing process for many people.

Some of the more popular aromatherapy absolutes include –

  • Jasmine absolute
  • Lavender absolute
  • Oakmoss absolute
  • Rose absolute
  • Lotus Absolute

Jasmin Absolute

In aromatherapy the Jasmine absolute gives an exquisite scent, and is often seen as an aphrodisiac. It is also used to help women regulate their menstrual cycles, and can also effective in treating headaches. Jasmine absolute can be used as an effective antiseptic, antidepressant, and has many sedative qualities.

Lavender Absolute

The Lavender absolute is extracted using alcohol and has a sweet, floral, and woody fragrance which is much like a lavender shrub itself

Oakmoss Absolute

The Oakmoss absolute has a rich scent that is defined as earthy, and woody. The smell of the Oakmoss absolute is much like that of damp oak, and is comforting to many people when used in aromatherapy candles. It is extracted using solvents or alcohol.

Rose Absolute

Rose absolutes are extracted from rose blossoms using chemical solvents. It is seen as a feminine scent and is intense when used in aromatherapy. Rose absolutes also have antiviral and anti bacterial properties. However, although they may provide an advantage in aromatherapy, they are expensive to produce.

Lotus Absolutes

Lotus absolutes are extracted from pink or white lotus flowers and have many healing qualities. They may even be used to help build confidence and self esteem.

The use of absolutes in a daily aromatherapy regimen can help with the healing process as well as relieve many people of daily stresses. They are often used to produce an open atmosphere for communication to take place and are especially helpful in creating a more relaxing environment for many people.

As well as the many advantages of using absolutes in aromatherapy, there are also some disadvantages.

A trace amount of solvent may remain in the final absolute, which is a disadvantage because aromatherapy focuses on the use of pure and natural plant matter. The absolutes used in aromatherapy are usually used with much care. The trace amount of solvent makes it impossible for absolutes to be taken internally.

There are many therapeutic advantages to using essential oil absolute in aromatherapy including their ability to help many people fight against infections, common colds, headaches, and body aches. Many aromatherapy absolutes are used in massage oils, which provide a soothing affect to sore muscles and joints. The use of absolutes can often enhance the effects of aromatherapy although they should be used in moderation as they may cause some allergic reactions.