Aromatherapy Personal Care Products

With aromatherapy growing in popularity, it is no surprise to see a boom in aroma therapy personal care products on the market. With everything from massage oils to bath salts, to skin care products, you can find just about anything with an aroma therapy purpose. Most aroma therapy products are designed to work in one or two ways which is inhalation and/or skin application.

With inhalation of the product’s perfumes, you get the aromatherapy benefit throughout the day assuming that the scent lasts that long. Some essential oils used in aroma therapy are also designed to be absorbed through the skin in the form of ointments, lotions, creams, oils, and compresses.

When using some aroma therapy products for personal care uses, it is all about where you apply them. Reflex zones, pulse points, compresses, and charkas are the main points of interest.

Reflex Zones

With reflex zones, the importance lies in certain areas of the skin being connected to other physical parts of the body and emotions. Some such areas include the feet and the ears. Applying the right oils to the right reflex zones can increase oxygenation, balance electrical systems, or ease fears and grief.

Pulse Points

Pulse points are found where an artery comes close to the surface of the skin, such as on the wrist or behind the ear. These areas are generally used for the quick dispersion of the aroma of perfumes. Using the correct combination of oils can help make a mood more relaxing, energized, or seductive.


When your personal care calls for the ease of pain as well as looking good, compresses may be the answer. Compresses are generally made using aroma therapy bath salts mixed in warm water and then soaked into a cloth that is applied to the appropriate area. These are most useful for treating body pains, sprains, and respiratory congestion.


Charkas are thought to be spinning vortexes of energy that take in and emit energy from the body. The mental, spiritual, and emotional systems of the body are balanced when all eight charkas are spinning evenly. Different oils can be applied to the different charkas to realign them into balance.

There are many types of aroma therapy care products available on the market. You can purchase the oils in their pure form and dilute them yourself at home for use in a massage or a diffuser or to make your own aroma therapy products. To get the benefits, you need to make sure you are purchasing essential oils and not merely scented oils.

You can find aroma therapy cosmetics and bath salts at many health stores and spas. Everything from body cream, moisturizer, to lipstick is available. These products take essential oils and add them to normal cosmetics, bath, and skin care products. The amount of essential oil in each product may vary, as will the benefits.

You can get aroma therapy perfumes and wear them just like you would any other. There is more perfume oil than cologne or other perfume, so use sparingly, as the scent may be stronger than what you are accustomed to.

You can get aroma therapy mouth wash as well. This is a blend of essential oils that are good for the teeth and gums that is mixed with alcohol. It is generally more expensive than your traditional mouth wash.

Whatever personal care products you decide on, you should always be aware that some aroma therapy products are higher quality than others use caution in buying them. There are big differences between a product that contains all natural essential oils to one that is merely fragranced. As a general rule, you should expect to pay more for a product that contains real essential oils as opposed to one that just smells the same.