Managing Stress and Relationship Problems

There are so many things that cause stress. It could be trivial things or very important things. Maintaining a relationship with someone, for example, can also cause a lot of stress. Dealing with your partner is not always easy since both of you are unique individuals. You have certain differences and this can result to potential problems. However, this should not necessarily lead to stress for either party.

When someone is trapped in a seeming irresolvable conflict between "I must" and "I can’t", stress gets in the picture. It gives the person the feeling that he has to do something and yet he is incapable of doing it because he does not have the resources to do so.

This is also true in close, intimate relationships. The fact that each individual is different in many ways such as values, interests, lifestyle and many others, it becomes a bit of a challenge for couples to handle the pressure of maintaining the relationship. It is, in fact, not easy to deal with individual differences, therefore, problems sometimes arise. Men have different ways in dealing with situations and conflicts. Some are rather detached, though not withdrawn. Others just let problems roll off their back like water off a duck while other men would confront troubles head on.

Individual differences make it a bit tough for couples to adjust with each other, particularly when they have conflicting preferences. The everyday decision making alone can cause petty arguments, which eventually can result to a serious fight. Nevertheless, the said situations should not necessarily lead to stress when taken proper action. Stress sets in when one or both parties become unrealistic about an issue. Unwillingness to compromise is another factor that causes stress in a relationship.

In truth, there are actually so many ways to do to resolve conflicts between couples. Sadly, many just resolve to part ways when they think that things are getting out of hand. This usually is what happens when chronic stress had already set in.

Some of the commonly known situations or conflicts that couples encounter are money concerns, disagreement with a family member, concerns about child rearing, health issues and lots of other possibilities. All these can lead to acute stress.

Acute stress is actually a short-lived kind of stress. It is just normal in everyday life. We all get to feel stressed every once in a while. It is just natural. Problems do come and go. Some problems just fade away while others get resolved instantly. Dilemma comes when loads of problems arise in a relationship and one of the couples start to think that he or she is incapable of solving the problems. This can lead to chronic stress.

The only way to prevent chronic stress from setting in is through positive thinking and faith in oneself. There is always a solution to every problem. The circumstances where there seem to be no resolution are rather rare. At the same time, there is hardly any person incapable of coming up to a solution to a problem.

Problems usually encountered by married couples involve raising children, financial concerns and health. But, generally, most couples find their way out, one way or another. Financial problems normally happen but many couples are usually able to work on them successfully. In fact, couples who are able to pull through even end up having a stronger bond. Health concerns are mostly temporary, on the other hand. Truth is, life is not all about problems. If it were, then no one could have survived it successfully.

Stress that comes with relationships can be minimized using different techniques that people can use. Constant and open communication, objective evaluation of problems, strong values and belief in oneself are just few of the many things that could help ease the effects of stress.