Stress and Money Worries

Financial Stress

Everybody becomes stressed due to money concerns. Both rich and poor do experience great stress when money problems are involved.

Many believe that rich people don’t experience stress any more. That notion is very wrong. Rich people do have lots of money, yes. They do not have to worry about how to pay the bills.

However, they may face problems handling their businesses and investments.

Problems like handling an untrustworthy manager can really affect rich people, which can then cause them stress.

Many of us would probably say that we would rather face the problems rich people are facing than face the problems we currently have. The fact is, it is easier said than done. Handling investments and financial concerns require great amount of effort and a lot of thinking.

How to deal with financial stress

Whether rich or poor, problems concerning money are generally stressful for everyone. However, this should not totally overwhelm us. In fact, many people in the past have led a happy life even if they did not have enough money to spend. Many poor people seem to live happier lives than rulers of ancient times.

Why Financial Problems Cause Stress

Stress caused by financial concerns is no different from any other stress. Being concerned about a particular problem is way different from being stressed because of it.

Stress comes in when a person starts believing that he is incapable of solving the problem. Once he believes that, there is no way out of the trouble he is facing.

We are presented with problems and life offers us alternatives that are rather unpleasant. Nevertheless, we must not avoid facing those problems, thinking that they are unsolvable. Having the will to surpass dilemmas can be very helpful in several ways.

Natural hormones are released during stressful times. Now, mental and physical struggles help work off these hormones. The effort you make by struggling mentally and physically also helps you psychologically.

Notice, when you are struggling to overcome a problem, you get to come up with an important solution to it. Now, knowing that you are able to succeed in finding a way to solve the problem leads to pride that you succeeded.

Future problems and struggles would not be so frightening to you. You will feel a great sense of self-worth trying to accomplish something instead of choosing to give up.

Going back to the issue of money, we have to understand that problems come and go.

Everyone faces a financial crisis now and then. Debt happens to be part of life, and this is mostly attributed to the growth of credit card companies.

People are tempted to buy stuff that they actually can do without since they know that they can make use of credit cards, anyway. This, eventually, leads to bigger debts to pay on the next salary date.

But keep in mind that everything has a solution. Discipline and wise spending will help you out of your financial troubles.

Family Financial Stress

Family disputes over money are just one of the many common causes of stress.

In a marriage, for instance, when a husband and wife start disagreeing on how to spend their limited funds, it already causes stress between the two individuals.

In reality, stress can be avoided by talking things out. Long term planning, compromising and respecting each other’s point of view can help reduce stress.

It often helps when a couple talks about priorities. Both should agree what things they can do without against the necessary things they have to allot the money for.

Nevertheless, they also have to consider giving themselves a pat on the back once in a while by indulging in occasional whims.

When everything starts going smoothly, they can probably give in to each other’s luxuries for as long as those are within their budget.

Of course, it is important to ensure that they have enough funds for basic survival first.

Knowing priorities significantly helps. Once you know your priorities, there is no need to stress yourself to any further extent.