Chinese Herbs for Headaches

If you have splitting headaches that you just cannot seem to find a cure for, aspirin and ibuprofen could be making your headaches worse. Finding a Chinese herb or two that can get rid of your migraine headache may be simpler than you think. Here are some formulas you may want to try.

When you are searching through alternative medicine sites and stores, you may find herbs that are difficult to pronounce, so when you are looking for something that will treat migraine headache symptoms, ask for herbs like Angelica root, which may also be called bai zhi, or Feverfew herb. Angelica root will also help you to get a good night’s sleep, and feverfew can be used to calm your hay fever during allergy season.

Chinese Herbs & Home Remedies for Headaches

Other Chinese herbs for headaches include Magnolia bark, which acts like a natural aspirin, and is referred to in Chinese medicine as hou po. Vitex fruit may also be found at your local health food store in the tea or capsule form, and can help to relieve the pressure and pain around the eyes.

It is also believed that the principle of wind, which is one of the five elements, should be used to rid oneself of a migraine headache. Therefore, the herbs that you select should have wind-moving properties, such as safflower, rhizome, red peony root, and salvia root. These substances have been known to take away the pressure that you feel all around your head during a migraine, and promote proper blood circulation so that the pain will go away quicker. You can also find these roots in tea form, but remember to use the bags as instructed, as too much of the herb could cause more complications.

In addition to using Chinese herbs for a migraine headache, you may also want to make an appointment for acupuncture, so that a therapist can use the needles and heat compresses to treat the source of the pain. When these isolated areas of the body are treated, you will most likely feel relief quicker and for longer periods.

To learn more about Chinese herbs that can treat a migraine headache, or any other ailment you may have, The Chinese Medicine Sampler is a consumer guide to traditional Asian Healthcare, where you will can find a number of informative articles on the theory behind Chinese herbal medicine together with the roles, benefits and dangers of each herb.