Severe Headaches Caused by Sinus

It can be quite difficult to pinpoint the cause of a headache because over three hundred different medical conditions include it as a symptom. Migraine headaches are very often misdiagnosed as sinusitis headaches. This is because both migraine and severe headaches caused by sinus can cause pain in the face and the head.

The sinuses, which are cavities found in the bones of the face, are located above the eyes, behind the nose and in the cheekbones. They are lined with tissue and mucus that can become irritated when fluid gets into the various cavities. This can make it painful to even touch the areas of the face.

Sinus headaches are often caused by a common cold virus so they are classified as secondary headaches. Primary headaches are those that are the result of tension or they are classified as a migraine. The various treatment methods for headaches depend on they severity of the headache and the body chemistry of the individual. Many people find relief with common over-the-counter medications while others need something much stronger to help the get pain relief from the headache.

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You need to carefully read the ingredients before you buy over-the-counter medications for headaches. Some of these over-the-counter medications contain alcohol, which can make you tired as well as cause the headache to be more painful. Aspirin and acetaminophen can help as long as you take them as directed. Taking a higher dose can have side effects and cause other types of damage to your body.

Headaches can be the result of genetics, including being more susceptible to accumulating fluid in the sinus cavities. This, of course, can lead to more frequent headaches. Medication can be prescribed to help reduce the amount of fluid and thus reduce the number of headaches. You can use home remedies as well to relieve the pressure. Hot and cold compresses can help with the swelling and with pain. You should be cautious when using nasal sprays, though, because they can irritate the membranes more than they already are.

It is possible that your headaches have to do with various factors in the environment. If the pressure changes rapidly in an airplane, if you suffer from allergies, or if you go to a new altitude, you can end up with pressures that may lead to headaches. Allergies are known to cause sinus type headaches. There are also various pathogens found in the air and in foods that can lead to headache pain.

A good way to find out if the sinuses are causing the headaches is to see a doctor. A doctor can drain out the excess fluid and give you something to treat the inflammation. If your headaches go away with this process then that is likely that the inflamed sinuses are what’s causing your headaches. While you wait to get in to see your doctor, you can try inhaling steam. For more severe cases of sinus headaches, however, you will need to take a round of antibiotics before you will feel better.