How Dental White Fillings Can Prevent Mercury Poisoning

If you have ever had fillings put on your teeth, or been told by your dentist that you needed to get fillings in order to stop the spread of a cavity or other tooth infection, you will want to learn more about dental white fillings. The new technology in this dental practice is preferred by more patients and doctors these days, and you should know all the facts before you have the filling procedure done.

Dental White Fillings vs Silver Fillings

Until a few years ago, dentists were using amalgam fillings, or ‘silver fillings’ in order to place a cap on teeth that may be causing a problem. However, amalgam is filled with significant amounts of mercury, which is toxic to the body, especially if ingested in large doses.

People who have had mercury silver fillings in their mouth for a while may have trouble going to cosmetic dentists in order to have their teeth whitened due to these fillings and the chemical reaction they may have with whitening substances. The mercury in the body could also cause other health problems such as nerve damage or severe headaches.

Tooth Colored (White) Fillings --

Dental white fillings may be fairly new to the dental industry, but there are a lot of benefits to having this procedure done. Most people initially think of getting these fillings because of the look of them.

White fillings blend in to look as though they are part of your natural teeth, as opposed to the metal fillings that can be unattractive. But aside from the fillings being more appealing to the eye, the technology that is used to keep the filling in place, and to help it do its job is more advanced than the mercury filling system.

White fillings will protect the teeth even more, and prevent cracking, fracturing, and the weakening of enamel over time. Silver fillings actually make the teeth weaker, so you may experience more problems with your dental health after having the traditional fillings put in.

While amalgam fillings are generally cheaper than white fillings, the process usually takes longer, and the procedure is expensive. Furthermore, if you have dental insurance, it will most likely not cover the cost of the fillings, which means you will have to pay for the procedure yourself.

The materials that are used in mercury fillings may be stronger, but they weaken the teeth over time, so it’s best to go with dental white fillings if you want your fillings to stay in comfortably for years. In order to care for your new fillings, be sure to drink plenty of water, and eat foods that will strengthen your teeth, such as nuts or other proteins. You should also abstain from drinking heavy alcohol, especially on a daily basis, since this will corrode the fillings quickly.