How to Relieve Newborn Colic

As a new parent, nothing is worse than hearing the sound of your infant crying and unable to communicate exactly what is wrong. Sometimes babies cry for no real reason at all and it may be best to let them cry it out. A baby who is always coddled may realize that crying get results. However, newborn colic could be the culprit with a dry-diapered, well-fed baby who cries more than three hours per day, for more than three days each week, and for more than three weeks at a time.

Newborns have immature digestive systems and colic is just the baby’s digestive growing pains.

Sometimes they swallow too much air while feeding and cannot relieve themselves, so burping would be a big consolation.

Other times, mothers swap breasts frequently during a feeding for their own personal comfort, but what ends up happening is that the milk content is continually changing during the feeding and the baby cannot receive the necessary fat to ensure a slow digestion.

Dealing with a colicky baby: What's all the fuss about?

A fast digestion can send too much milk sugar (or lactose) to the baby’s intestines at once, which may cause an upset stomach. Babies need healthy, probiotic bacteria in the stomach, which will aid digestion, and this naturally takes time to develop. Additionally, immature stomach muscles have not learned to contract normally yet.

Secondly, try changing the over-stimulating environment to treat newborn colic. Some babies have a hard time adjusting to all the sounds and lights.

Swaddle your colic baby in blankets, put him or her in a front carrier rather than laying them flat and facing the ceiling, or put the baby near soft vibrations such as next to the dryer or in the car. Give the baby a massage or put a warm water bottle on the belly. Warm baths, pacifiers and infant swings can be relaxing to the troubled infant.

Thirdly, there are some doctor-recommended colic remedies to try. Anti-reflux medication, herbal teas with chamomile or mint, anti-gas drops, homeopathic drops or “gripe water.” Colic gripe water is a herbal concoction known to reduce digestive irritability.

It is natural to feel pent-up anger and resentment toward the colic baby when many sleepless nights stack up and the baby seems inconsolably fussy. During this time, it is equally important to find outlets for these negative emotions. Many cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome occur as a result of a colicky infant. First, remember that the baby will outgrow this.

Then be sure to alternate caring for the infant with a spouse or other caretaker. Get out and do things for yourself. Physical exercise can be an important release – or take a nap if you feel tired and aggressive. In some cases, a counselor can help you express your feelings in a healthy manner.