Are there any Remedies for Colic in Babies

It may seem strange that babies are born without fully functional digestive systems, but many doctors believe this to be true! Colic in babies may occur for several reasons.

The baby is unable to digest complex milk sugar due to a lack of gut flora (healthy microorganisms in the stomach) or the lack of Melatonin needed to transport toxins and ease digestion. But then again, sometimes it is just pent-up gas from an immature system.

Don’t worry!

Your baby will be digesting food, getting rid of waste and adapting to his or her new environment in no time at all. It takes roughly four months for this phase to pass. In the meantime, there are some options to ease colic pain.

Dealing with a colic baby can be very stressful for new parents. It is hard to stomach the idea that there is simply nothing you can do. Suddenly, you feel like a scientist, scrambling for any new tactic or product that will soothe the colicky baby.

Treating symptoms of colic depends upon the root problem, which is disputed and may vary from infant to infant.

Baby has colic- cause and treatment. Common sense.

First, take note when your baby is shrieking.

Is the baby crying mostly after a feeding?

Try burping the baby or giving a light tummy and intestinal massage. If you are unsure of how to do this, then there are DVDs out on how to do it properly to facilitate effective waste movement.

Does Gripe Water help Colic

Gripe water such as Colic Calm and Woodward’s have been known to help ease colic pain in some babies.

Colic gripe water provides the baby with a natural remedy composed of peppermint, fennel, aloe, lemon balm, ginger, chamomile and

These homeopathic herbs have been used to treat digestive troubles for centuries and are perfectly safe for infants.

If you suspect the baby may have trouble digesting lactose from the milk, then you can try a Lactase supplement, which is a natural substitution that will help the baby breakdown complex sugar. This has proven very effective as well.

Another theory is that babies are born hypersensitive to lights and sounds. The real world is quite a drastic change from the warm, muted, dark womb environment. Try to shield your baby from extremely bright lights.

Sometimes colic in babies can be eased by a walk outdoors in a covered stroller or a calming nap in an infant swing. Warm baths, lullabies and rocking chairs are good things to try as well.

Remember, if you have a colicky baby, then it is not your fault! The baby is not feeling detached from you and is not intentionally beating you up emotionally.

Growing pains are a natural part of life and colic in babies is fairly frequent.

Remember that this phase will pass as the baby’s system functions become more advanced. In the meantime, take some moments of reprieve to catch a nap, read a book or go out to dinner as you patiently wait it out.