How Wireless Video Capsule Endoscopy Works

In order to improve your colon health, and to make sure that you are feeding your body the right amount of nutrients for optimum health, you will need to visit the doctor regularly, so that you can have your colon checked for any abnormalities. Wireless capsule endoscopy, a new advancement in medical technology, is now making it easier than ever for doctors to know whether you need additional treatment for colon health. Here is some information about the procedure, as well as resources for finding out more.

Capsule Endoscopy PillCam

Video Capsule Endoscopy PillCam

Video Capsule Endoscopy PillCam

Video capsule endoscopy works by allowing a doctor to see the functions of a patient’s colon, and to determine whether additional treatment is needed. To do this, the patient has to swallow a vitamin sized disposable camera. A digital recording device and sensors are placed around the waist of the patient as well, and the camera stays inside for eight hours. Then, doctors use images from the sensors to determine what may be causing bleeding in the digestive tract, or whether or not surgery is needed to remove polyps.

Video Capsule Endoscopy Uses

The Mayo Clinic in Arizona was one of the first health centers in the United States to use video capsule endoscopy since the procedure was approved in 2001.

The process has helped tremendously in diagnosing colon cancer, a devastating condition that can result in dialysis and even death if left untreated. However, once a patient has been informed of the cancer, doctors can treat and eliminate the impurities that cause the disease, and the patient can be completely cancer free in a matter of months if polyps or signs of cancer are seen early.

Preparing for a Capsule Endoscopy - from the American Gastroenterological Association

Capsule endoscopy can only be used to help with colon cleansing and overall health if you visit your doctor on a regular basis, which most folks are uncomfortable about.

Capsule Endoscopy vs Colonscopy

However, with this technology, you do not have to undergo the more traditional colonoscopy initially although your doctor may suggest this if there is a potential problem. You simply swallow the capsule, which includes small batteries and a transmitter, with a glass of water, and allow the sensors on your waist to pick up the images that the doctor needs to see to help you improve you health.

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If you want to know more about this medical process, you can visit the likes of Given Imaging or The Mayo Clinic to find out about what to expect at the doctor’s office before your visit. You can also look at Physicians to find a doctor in your state or city that is skilled in the process of wireless capsule endoscopy.