Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Cedar wood essential oil (Juniperus virginiana), has a mild, warm and woody scent with an ability to calm and sooth nerves, tame tension and ease stress. Because of this ability, Cedarwood has a reputation for harmony within holistic healing and aromatherapy circles. The very light and clean scent lends itself as an excellent base for blending with other oils. Woody oils such as vetiver and sandalwood, floral oils like jasmine and neroli, citrus oils, basil, eucalyptus and chamomile all come together to produce their own unique scent.

Cedar wood essential oil can be used in a variety of different ways, but in general, it is best used as a base. For instance, one good recipe is to mix 15 to 20 drops of cedarwood with 5 to 7 drops of lavender oil for relaxation or 8 to 10 drops of grapefruit for invigoration after a hard day’s work. Place the mixture into a disperser and enjoy.

Benefits of Cedarwood Oil!

Alternately, soak a cotton ball in your cedarwood essential oil and place it in a bowl or on a saucer in your closet. Cedarwood is known for its ability to repel moths and other destructive insects and has a far more pleasant aroma than moth balls do. As with all essential oils, it should never touch finished furniture, upholstery or other fabric, including the clothes in your closet, as it may stain them irreparably.

One exception to that rule is if you happen to own a cedar chest or have cedar panelling of any kind. If it has started to lose its aroma, you can apply cedarwood oil directly onto the wood itself, just as you might apply lemon oil to any other piece of unfinished furniture. However, you must allow the chest to stand open for two or three days so that the oil has plenty of chance to soak into the wood. This is to ensure that it doesn’t stain any clothes that you choose to put into it afterwards. For added peace of mind, you can always line it with butcher’s paper, for just a little more protection.

As well as it’s ability to calm and sooth nerves, Cedarwood also benefits the skin with it’s sedating ability which in turn can relieve itching. It should be pointed out that it can be a skin irritant for some people, so is best used in dispensers or mixed with a carrier oil.

Other well known uses of Cedar wood essential oil are as a treatment for cystitis, a natural remedy for chest infections, urinary infections, acne and asthma.