Effects of Nutrition and Lack of Exercise on Children

Nobody can deny the fact that obesity in children is an overwhelming issue in our culture today. Many factors contribute to recent reports of more and more children becoming obese. The effects of nutrition and lack of exercise on children has a lot to do with the sake of convenience and saving time.

With readily available foods being filled with fat and sugar rather than nutritionally beneficial ingredients, children are being stuffed with things that are not good for their weight or their health.

The fact that most unhealthy foods are less expensive than their healthier counterparts only add’s to the quandary.

Lack of exercise among the childhood population has to be blamed for the brunt of the obesity issue. Although there are safety precautions to consider when letting your child go outside to play, there are measures a concerned parent can take to provide exercise for their child.

Importance of Exercising for kids | Kids Fitness | Fittr Kids

Rather than letting your child sit on the couch with a remote in their hand, concerned parents find school-sponsored activities and other avenues that their child can take that will incorporate activity into their lifestyle. Although healthier eating and an active lifestyle take up more of a parent’s time, the health benefits that you child reaps will be well worth it.

There are several things that parents can do to encourage their children to become more active. The best way to encourage children to exercise is to be an example. Even when your children are babies, they should see you exercising, making physical activity an important part of your life. As they grow up seeing you enjoying being active, they will learn that exercise and physical activity is fun and an important part of your life.

Make exercise fun for your family. Think of things you can do together that encourage your children to get up and start moving! Install a basketball hoop in your driveway and spend time shooting hoops with your kids. If your kids enjoy riding bikes, get yourself on your bike and take a ride as a family. If your child enjoys martial arts, then enroll him or her and a karate class. The key is to find something that inspires your child and encourage them to pursue that activity.

Another way to get your child moving even if the weather outside is not conducive to outside activities is through exercise videos. Find an exercise video or DVD that is aimed at children and do the routine with your children. Not only will your children be healthier, but you just might lose a few pounds as well! Again, keep it fun! Laugh at the mistakes that you make and stay upbeat!

Keep in mind that all children are different. Your child may or may not be athletic. Do not try to make your child into the next Michael Jordan if they cannot make a basket to save their life. Becoming a successful athlete is not the important issue when teaching your child to exercise. The important thing you are teaching your children is the lifetime habit of making exercise an enjoyable, and important, part of their life. Make it fun, exciting, and vary the activities you do. You will be teaching your child how to become a happy, healthy adult!