Home Treatment for Split Toe Nails

While it is not pleasant to think about, split toe nails are more common than you may think, especially amongst athletes whose feet take a beating. Whether it is from overuse, like a marathoner, or from being stepped on hard, like a football player, soccer player, or basketball player, a toe nail splitting can be an extremely painful injury that has a serious effect on an athlete’s ability to perform. When your toes are hyper sensitive it can affect your ability to push off or to have an explosive burst, whether for jumping or for speed.

Split Toe Nails Care

Usually with a little care and attention, you can take steps to prevent infection in the split and allow it to grow out on its own. As long as you keep the area clean both under the front of the nail and at the base of the nail around the cuticle, you should not have a problem.

Anti-bacterial cream is a good choice as an extra measure of protection against infection. If the split does become infected, the nail will probably have to be removed by a doctor.

Cindy Toenail Tip for Split Nails

Home Repair of Split Toe Nails

There are many home remedies for split toe nails. Some are as simple as painting the nail with a clear polish or nail varnish to give it added strength, and others are as outlandish as using superglue to hold the nail together until the split grows out. I have seen both of these done!

While you probably will not find either of those fixes for split toe nails mentioned in a medical journal, you are not really going to do yourself any harm if you want to try them.

The most important thing is to keep the area safe from further damage until it has a chance to grow out. Make sure that you keep the nail trimmed short so that it does not snag on anything. Above all, and I cannot say it enough, keep it clean.

There is no magic remedy that will make split toe nails grow back together. Once the nail is split, it is split. This process is really just about maintaining the area and protecting it so that time can do its own magic and the injured part of the nail will just grow out and you will soon be able to clip it off.

A split toenail may not seem like a huge issue when you first look at the situation, however, if you do not pay careful attention and allow it to become infected, it could turn into more trouble than you had wanted.

As with all injuries, keep an eye on split toe nails for any sign of infection. If you find that the nail is growing back with the split still in it, or you discovered an infection, it is best to get to a doctor right away because the toe nail may have to be removed.