How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about significant changes in a womans body, including hormonal changes and weight gain. Many women experience significant weight gain during pregnancy that stays with them after the baby is born. After giving birth, many women immediately begin to focus on shedding the extra weight and body fat that they gained during pregnancy.

How I Got My Body Back After Baby

There has been increasing media coverage about celebrity mothers and their rapid return to post-pregnancy shape immediately following child birth. Such coverage puts additional emphasis on pre-pregnancy weight loss in our culture, and leaves many new mothers feeling pressured about losing their baby weight quickly. However, the results experienced by many celebrity moms arent typical or are likely to be experienced by most new mothers.

Most celebrities are in better shape when they become pregnant. As they are in a business that rewards beauty and thinness, many of them tend to have better than average metabolisms than the average person in the first place. Additionally, these new mothers frequently have advantages in terms of access to expensive equipment, personal trainers, fitness consultants, full-time child care, and other advantages that arent likely to be easily accessible to average women.

New moms shouldnt focus too much on how quickly movie stars are returning to their pre-baby weight and shape. Instead, they need to concentrate on safe weight loss that will have a positive overall impact on their health as well as their weight and shape.

When will my body be back to normal

Womens bodies experience significant hormonal and metabolic changes during pregnancy that dont go away the moment the baby is born. It typically takes up to six months for a womans hormonal levels and metabolic rates to return to normal. It takes time to lose weight and get back muscle tone after having a baby.

The best way to approach post-baby weight loss is to take it slowly and follow a healthy and balanced diet that includes moderate exercise. Breast feeding mothers shouldnt concern themselves too much with restricting calories, although they should certainly focus on eating a healthy diet. Breast feeding requires a significant amount of energy.

What is the best exercise for new mums

New moms shouldnt immediately start training for to run a marathon. Instead, they should gradually incorporate a regular exercise program into their new routine. When new moms are ready to start exercising, they should focus on improving stamina, increasing muscle tone, and their general overall fitness.

As pre-pregnancy stamina and fitness levels begin to return after a few months, new mothers can begin to gradually work in additional exercise and calorie control measures to accelerate results.

While it is natural to want your body to return to normal immediately following childbirth, it is much better for your body to take it slow. By taking a slow and steady approach to post-pregnancy weight loss, you are likely to experience long term weight loss and increased fitness levels.