Fast Weight Loss Fad Diets

There are so many different fad diets that promise to unlock the secret to easy and efficient weight loss. While there may be some sound nutritional truth built in to the core of the latest weight loss craze or fad, there is little evidence that long term weight loss occurs as a result of a fad diet. Different fad diets claiming to be the new instant cure to weight control are being announced frequently.

There are so many different types of fad diets that it is impossible to name them all here. You have probably heard of the cabbage soup diet, the chocolate diet and many other variations. Such diets are all fad diets and are to be avoided when your goal is to achieve long-lasting weight loss. Keep in mind that many so-called scientific claims about diet and nutrition are anything but scientific.

When you want to lose weight, you have to exercise common sense when evaluating diet programs. While you might love chocolate, your common sense probably alerts you that the secret to long-term weight loss does not lie in a candy bar wrapper. While you might enjoy eating cabbage in moderation, your common sense should kick in and remind you that there is no way that you will maintain the weight loss that occurs from consuming nothing but cabbage soup for several days in a row.

While it would be great to discover a magic pill that could melt away excess weight with no negative side effects, such a pill does not currently exist. It is not likely that such a pill will ever exist. What is known is that consuming a healthy and balanced diet consisting of moderate amounts of the basic food groups is the best way to lose weight and maintain health. It is also true that regular exercise plays a major role in weight loss and health.

Quick fixes that promise instant weight loss sound too good to be true for a reason. Simply stated, any diet plan that promises weight loss through any means other than decreased food consumption and increased activity levels is in fact too good to be true. Even in the event that you come across a fad diet that results in quick weight loss, be aware that such weight loss isn’t likely to be long lasting and may in fact result in harmful effects on your overall health.

The best weight loss is both safe and effective. Extreme diets are not safe for the long term. Losing weight and getting in shape do not happen overnight. To be a successful dieter, you have to make a long-term commitment to weight loss. Weight loss that is healthy and has any chance of becoming permanent is gradual.