Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Several pieces of writings provide suggestions and information on how to manage stress and anxiety. Managing stress is not a complete solution, though. Instead of just managing stress, why not look for ways to completely end it? The truth of the matter is that there are more than a dozen ways you can do to help eliminate stress.

Serious and regular meditation and workout such as Yoga and Tai-Chi are just two of the most popular disciplines known in Asia. They are proven to be effective in relieving stress for centuries. These physical activities loosen up the muscles and, at the same time, relax the mind to encourage serene thoughts.

Meditation is one of the most acknowledged practices in relieving stress since it is easy to learn and follow; not to mention the numerous benefits you can get by including the practice in your everyday life. You only need about 15 to 20 minutes a day and you can already enjoy a stress free life. The basic principle behind meditation is to help the mind divert its focus from the stressor by concentrating in only one thing. The result is not only limited to calming the mind. It also has several benefits to the body.

Now, in controlling stress symptoms, deep breathing exercises can absolutely help. Like what you often hear, "Prevention is better than cure," it is better to start controlling the earlier symptoms than acting on it when stress has already set in. To do this, get a clean towel. Place it properly on the floor and lie on it with your face down and your elbows bent with your hands flat on the floor under your chest. Start breathing deeply and continue for about a minute.

There are also dietary supplements available to get rid of stress. However, the problem with choosing this option is that there are too many diet supplements to choose from, especially choosing the right one that will work for you. Actually, anything that helps promote serotonin level is good for relieving stress. Be cautious in choosing dietary supplements that promises to be miracle cures, though.

Sleeping pills can also be of help in some occasions. On the other hand, this may cause dependency. You might become dependent on the drug to the point that you will continue using it not to relieve stress but to avoid what causes the stress. Generally, as part of a stress relief program, these drugs can really be helpful because they can help you have enough and proper sleep.

Another technique being used to relieve stress and anxiety is aromatherapy, wherein aromatic essential oils derived from plants are used to promote physical and psychological well-being. Most of the time, this technique is complemented with mood music. When combined, it creates a very calming effect. Although there is little scientific evidence that supports aromatherapy’s effectiveness, it is still considered by many due to its relaxing effect.

Incorporating mood music is believed to be of help in relieving stress since choosing the right kind of music can help shift mood. If you come to think of it, music has its own moods too. When you hear sad music, you will also feel sad; happy music can make you happy. Music is associated with emotions and memory.

Another effective way to relieve stress is a good massage. The effect can be much better when complemented with relaxing music. Since stress normally causes severe muscle tension mostly on the neck, shoulder and calves, massage can be a quick relief as it relaxes the muscles and the mind as well. Massage does not only cause physical relief but psychological relief too.

When stress becomes worse, psychotherapy may be considered. However, choosing the right therapist can be such a chore because of the variety of schools and techniques being employed. In situations like this, you can actually consider asking a trusted friend to help.