Ways to Relieve Stress in the Workplace

Among the common stressors in the workplace include unrealistic deadlines, targeting to meet useless goals, and unfair and difficult supervisors. Employees who are faced with situations that are in fact unworkable are doomed to suffer from stress. The good news is there are actually several exercises that can help reduce the effects of stress in the workplace. The physical effects of stress include muscle tension, difficulty in breathing and a problematic immune system. You can actually do a lot to alleviate these conditions.

One thing you can do is to take a deep breath. Repeat this for a few times slowly. There is no need to go into a total state of focus (Zen State). All you need to do is to expand your chest and lessen the strain at the core of your body. Do some stretching, particularly, your arms and shoulders. Then move your head from side to side in a gentle manner. Stretch your calves as well.

Give some minutes of your time to refresh your mental processes by doing meditation. This is important since stress usually affects a person’s effective focus and concentration in a negative way. Memory retention deteriorates as certain emotions shift the person’s attention away from other more important things.

Meditation is easy to do. While doing deep breathing, take a moment to close your eyes and focus on one idea. Make a mental image of anything pleasant. Anything that makes you smile like your favorite pet, a baby’s image, or luscious foods. You do not necessarily need to undergo deep relaxation. This is just to take you away from the external world for a brief moment.

After dealing with the symptoms, it is better that you figure out the roots of the problem next to make sure that stress won’t live rent free in your system.

Nowadays, many people decide to manage their own business. This decision has with it certain challenges that might or might not overwhelm you. What is good about getting your own business is that you get the chance to meet the challenges using your own judgment and strategies. You are not under anyone’s control. The downside is that you will have to work for longer hours everyday getting only minimal recognition. But, the overwhelming reward of being the boss of your own business is satisfaction enough.

Those who would rather remain in their current companies strive hard to work to enforce positive changes around the workplace. In spite of the fact that their efforts bring forth only little success, many workers remain positive and hopeful holding on to the satisfaction gained from knowing that their efforts and hard work are not totally ignored.

There are also other options for you. You can look for another opening within the company than just putting up with your difficult supervisor and wish that the next day he will be gone or have been replaced. Anyway, things do change around the workplace every so often so just keep your options open.

Now, while waiting for that big break, it could be helpful if you focus on what you can do rather than focusing on the problems. Be objective with things. Do not allow yourself to become affected by things that are beyond your control. If workplace bullies surround you, try looking for people who can be your constant companion in stead of putting up with rumor mongers. They will only make it hard for you to move around. Do not try to change people. It is your attitude towards people that you can only change.

After work, you can probably look for people you can share your sentiments with like family members, close friends or relatives. But, while at work, give it your best and be productive.