Ways of Coping with Stress

In this modern age, there are already several ways found to cope with stress. To name a few, a relaxing walk to the park, a simple workout and other activities that relax the mind are proven to be effective in relieving symptoms of stress. However, we have to understand that coping with stress is not the same as curing stress. The only way to totally get rid of stress is to understand what is causing it.

Both external and internal factors can bring about stress. Situations like losing a job, failed relationship, serious medical illness and many others can lead to stress. How a person evaluates himself in coping with the situation can also determine how strongly stress can affect him.

A person with a very positive outlook and, at the same time, confident that he can handle the outside pressures well can surely be able to run away from the long term effects of stress. Everyday stress is just normal as there are too many pressures we are faced everyday such as deadlines, traffic and many others. Without these things, life will become boring.

Chronic stress, on the other hand, is not normal. It is, in fact, dangerous. If we allow ourselves to be overcome by everyday stress, believing that we are doomed to be failures, we are likely to experience chronic stress. Therefore, it is important to keep an optimistic mind about things. We have to see things objectively. Bad things just happen and most of the time, they are beyond our control. There is nothing that we can do but to accept the fact that things just happen. There is no point in blaming ourselves.

If bad things happen, it is best to take them as another trial and believe that they will pass. Just like any storm, life still goes on and we shall see the sun again. We have to keep in mind that there are things that are simply beyond our control. We get a wound, soon it will heal. We get hurt, but not for long; our hearts will mend.

Permanent losses should not even cause a loss of hope. As long as we live, there is hope and this idea should help us pull through. This is not easy to say when you lose a leg or when your business fails, of course. However, there is still a lot in life that we should divert our attention to than believing that it is already the end of the world. We have to collect all the courage that we have left to prevail. This is through optimism.

If you start focusing on something wonderful or something that will give meaning to your existence, stress is much less likely to occur. Maintaining a positive attitude backed with action in dealing the difficulties in life can surely prevent chronic stress from renting free in your system.

Acquiring the Pollyanna principle, where a person believes that everything is good no matter what happens, is not even helpful. We have to keep a realistic view of life that bad things do happen. We should not deceive ourselves. On the other hand, it is also not good that we dwell on that state. We have to understand that things happen, but they do not remain that way,

Acknowledging the possibility of losses and believing that they can be replaced after some time can significantly help in avoiding long term stress. Generally, long term stress is usually self-inflicted. In addition, it can also lead to depression if one failed to act on it. Long term stress can also be a self-reinforcing condition. When you feel bad, things will appear bad. Eventually, things will turn out bad, therefore making you feel worse.

Keeping an objective mind and redirecting yourself to achieving essential values that will break the cycle of reinforced stress can really turn your failures into successes. However, also keep in mind that being positive is not the only solution. You have to complement it with action.