Whole Mangosteen Fruit Products

Most people have heard the famous saying of 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, which basically translates into if we consume a healthy diet, especially fruit, we will not go down with too many ailments such as colds and flu. We have all learnt along the way that while some fruits and vegetables are of great benefit to our body, there are also others that may have side effects which we must take in consideration when consuming.

However, there are some fruit products which are better than others in providing a larger spectrum of health benefits in the long run. One of those is the mangosteen which is a truly amazing fruit whose medicinal properties have been known in Asia for many years. In fact, the mangosteen is so prized by the inhabitants of Southeast Asia that it is also known as the 'Queen of Fruits' or the 'Fruit of the Gods'.

Mangosteen is the fruit of the Garcinia Mangostana plant which originates from the tropical lands of Southeast Asia, where high temperatures and abundant rainfall, provides it with strong sunshine for long hours everyday. It is a slow growing plant which takes around ten years to reach maturity but upon doing so, produces hundreds of fruits every single year.

Mangosteen fruits have two parts which are the purple outer pericarp or skin and the white center fruit. The center fruit is divided into segments, and there is one segment for each triangle in the blossom remnant. The white part of the fruit is prized for its sweet and aromatic flavor with some people saying that it is the most delicious fruit in the world.

Mangosteen Fruit

A whole mangosteen fruit is about three to four inches in size and can be eaten as is after peeling its skin, in dried form or taken as a juice. All forms provide excellent source of minerals and vitamins. It is also packed with beneficial Xanthones, a new class of powerful phytonutrients that are found in the mangosteen pericarp or hull.

The mangosteen fruit helps with delaying the aging process through the presence of antioxidants. It keeps our skin fresh, winkle free, and glowing with health. A whole mangosteen fruit has a number of vitamins such as Vitamin E, Vitamin C, vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, calcium, iron, and fiber to name but a few.

It is said to help combat a number of diseases by supporting the immune system, thus making the body stronger and ready to fight any infection that comes its way. However, do not mistake the mangosteen whole fruit for medicine or a cure all for any disease. What it will do however, is to considerably improve the body's immune system and in doing so make it stronger and healthier.

While an apple a day will help you keep the doctor away, a whole mangosteen fruit a day will definitely help you feel rejuvenated, energized and overall stronger, no matter what form it is taken in.