Mangosteen Product Comparisons

The positive benefits of whole mangosteen fruit products whether taken as mangosteen juice, a mangosteen supplement or liquid mangosteen vitamins, are absolutely worth it, regardless of which form you prefer. The important thing to know in order to be able to properly decide which mangosteen product is best for you, is to understand the basics about each product.

The following mangosteen product comparisons will help you on your way to discovering which one is right for you. However, it should be pointed out that clinical and scientific research into the health benefits of mangosteen are very much ongoing and far from proven.

Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen juice is derived from the whole mangosteen fruit and is made by liquefying the rind or pericarp, the seeds and the flesh of the mangosteen. Research studies suggest that mangosteen juice has many health benefits such as microbiological balance support, immune system maintenance, joint flexibility, positive mental support, healthier cholesterol levels, increased levels of necessary antioxidants, and more.

It is the outer rind or pericarp of the mangosteen fruit that is the essential element in this particular mangosteen product. It is the pericarp that has been found to be particularly rich in xanthones which are the main and most primary nutritional components in the mangosteen. At the time of writing, there are around two hundred xanthones known in the whole of nature with over forty of those xanthones having been found in the mangosteen fruit pericarp. This fact alone makes the mangosteen the richest source of xanthones known to man.

Mangosteen Supplements

Mangosteen supplements have been sold more as a dietary supplement on the US market since 2002. However, it seems that not everybody has seen the same benefits from the capsule form as from the juice form. This could well be down to the fact that, like vitamin supplements, our body does not always absorb capsules and tablets too well. It has been said that the absorption rate for tablets and capsules is around 7% to 12% whereas liquid absorption rate is up to 90% to 98%.

Another aspect of mangosteen supplements is to ensure that they are being manufactured from the whole mangosteen fruit including the pericarp and the pulp of the fruit. Always check the contents, which are required by law to be shown on the label. Make your choice by comparing what is in the supplement and not just by the brand name.

Liquid Mangosteen Vitamins

Liquid mangosteen vitamins are the offering of the beneficiary mangosteen components only in vitamin form, with the most popular brand being that of Vemma. Vemma is a convenient, powerful, liquid nutrition that features the ingredients of mangosteen and aloe. It is a liquid vitamin that provides your body with much nourishment, and has one of the highest absorption rates in a multi vitamin.

Various studies have shown that the mangosteen is an incredibly beneficial fruit but at the same time, a lot more research is required to validate some of the health claims being made. However, regardless of those claims and which form you decide to take your mangosteen product in, you will still be receiving at least some of the plentiful nutrients and antioxidants that are derived from Asia's best kept secret - the mangosteen fruit.