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  • Health Supplements Mangosteen . Mangosteen supplements are often taken for more holistic health purposes, with the best form being one that is manufactured from the pericarp and the flesh

  • Mangosteen Fruit Health Benefits. As more research and studies are carried out, it is becoming evident that the Mangosteen fruit does indeed possess many additional health benefits

  • Mangosteen Juice for Health Benefits. There are numerous benefits to pure mangosteen juice, which come about due to the powerful antioxidants and nutrients that are found in the whole fruit

  • Mangosteen Product. There are many claimed positive health benefits of whole mangosteen fruit products whether taken as juice or a dietary vitamin supplement

  • It has been discovered through ongoing mangosteen research that the pericarp of the fruit contains some forty xanthones out of only two hundred known xanthones in the whole of nature

  • Mangosteen Tree. The mangosteen fruit tree or Garcinia Mangostana plant is part of a family of mainly tropical shrubs and trees known as the Guttiferae

  • Mangosteen xanthones found in the fruit pericarp seem to be a better antioxidant that is able to slow down the aging process in our body and also help combat free radical cell damage

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  • Thai Mangosteen - Queen of Fruits. Known for centuries in Asia, the mangosteen is a tropical evergreen tree with a fruit that is often dubbed the Queen of Fruits

  • What is a Mangosteen - What is the Mangosteen Fruit - There is a tree that is grown, primarily in Asia, called the Mangosteen and there is a lot of discussion surrounding the claimed health benefits

  • Whole Mangosteen Fruit. Mangosteen whole fruit is about three to four inches in size and can be eaten as is, after peeling its skin, in dried form or taken as a juice